We are starting to get the hang of this lifestyle,  with the wine glasses coming out late afternoon for a relaxing drink before we start on organising dinner.   Speaking of which, we have had a few stunningly simple dinners, tonight was a particularly good example; Bread and Roast Tomato Salad.  Sounds simple enough but the flavours were fabulous and of course the bread was our homemade sourdough. 

However, some things never change as over the past couple of days have seen us very busy in the kitchen. The weather forecasts were for gale force wind and rain which did not eventuate so it seemed appropriate to plan some indoors activities.  We had purchased a lovely big box of tomatoes which we have subsequently turned into Tomato & Chilli Relish and jars of Roasted Tomato Passata.  We should be reasonably set up for preserves over the following few months.

Mondays highlight was watching the local Fulton Hogan team delivering a building onto the site next door to us.  Apparently this building is to become the local “Men’s Shed”. 

First indication of anything happening was when this truck and trailer unit turned up in the car park next door to the POP with a shed on it.

shed 11

There is a gate between the car park and the location where the building was to go, with a six foot fence either side. No problem just lift the whole building up by extending the wheels on the trailer unit.

shed 10

shed 9

Then slowly proceed through the gate with the sides of the building overhanging the fence on either side.

shed 8

shed 7

With little room to manoeuvre inside the fence it turns out that the wheels of the trailer are also steerable.  This is done by a guy wandering around with a remote control box.  So between him and the driver of the truck they are able to turn the whole system on a sixpence.

shed 4

Note the gap in the piles where the wheels of the trailer will go to allow the shed to be positioned on the outer piles.  These holes caused a small problem as the wheels of the trailer managed to align themselves in the right place to coincide with the holes so the whole unit had to move forward again and the holes were filled  with wooden blocks.

Finally in position the weight of the shed was transferred from the trailer to four jacks on each side of the building controlled by the operator at the blue control panel.  Each of the eight jacks was operated independently until the weight was lifted up off the trailer.

shed 3

Then the trailer moved out from under the shed.

shed 1

Lifted up the trailer again and moved off the site

shed 14

The team then moved in under the shed to install the missing piles

shed 13

 shed 2

And finally here is the end product.  The “Men’s Shed” installed on site.

 shed 12  

Over the next few days the building was tied to the piles and services are being installed to provide electricity water and sewage.

So a slightly different method of establishing a shed from that which was undertaken at Jason’s place!


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