Gale force winds were forecast for Central Otago for Tuesday and Wednesday, with this in mind we decided to stay put in Alexandra for the next couple of days.  Fortunately, the forecast winds seemed to avoid us for a change. 

Thursday morning we left Alexandra and headed toward Cromwell,

dont knowView from the road looking across the top of the Clyde Dam to a fabulous parking spot. 

Onto Cromwell, first stop was the dump station and refill with water.  We had heard from another couple of motorhomers that you can park alongside Lake Dunstan, in particular behind the Lowburn Collie Club. 

Which brings to me to a point about so called ‘Freedom Camping’.    The Freedom Camping term has such negative connotations and really relates to those who park/sleep in cars, have absolutely no facilities and give those of us who are responsible and self contained a very bad name.  We are not Freedom Campers, we prefer the term ‘Self Contained Parking’. Stepping off soap box now!

parked 2Parked up.

calm This is our view from our van, parked up on the shores of Lake Dunstan, reflecting on life!

Friday, Roy had some business to attend to in Queenstown so off he went for the day.  But not before stopping off in Cromwell to organise somewhere for Mike to forward our snail mail.  Whilst he was in town, he ran across Glenda (one of the women Bernice & Alex had met in Singapore at the Netball World Champs) whom just happens to own the local Mitre 10.  Guess where we had our mail sent on to? 

Saturday morning and we headed into town to do a bit of shopping and to meet Glenda for a coffee and collect the mail.  Thanks Glenda, and thanks Mike, the mail turned up Saturday morning!  Whilst at the supermarket we saw this caravan and thought that perhaps our next downsize would be to something like this? 

caravan 1Cute caravan

 caravan 2  Small, but perfectly formed!

Or perhaps we could tow it with the RAV4 and use it as a dog box for whoever should be in it!!

We met up with Glenda and Marie (another fellow Singapore/Netball traveller) and invited them out to see the van and to join us for drinkies.  They brought their friend Jenny along with them and we settled down for a relaxing afternoon drink or two.   Well, drinkies turned into dinner and more drinks……

girls 1 

Bernice, Marie, Jenny and Glenda – toasting Alexandra (the daughter not the town!)

Stories told, plans made for us all to go to the FastNet Netball World Champs in Auckland in November, great food, lots of laughs, wine supplies depleted!  Shall we do it all again tomorrow?  You bet!

Meanwhile Roy has been trying out his hand a fishing, but so far without any luck. 

But I have been consulting all the local or itinerant fishermen to try and pick up as much information as possible.  So men can ask directions, it just has to be for the right task!!

Now I find out that I am being outfished by my son who went to Port Charles for the weekend and managed to get fish.


One Response to “Cromwell”

  1. centrepassoff Says:

    Yay a toast to me!!! Hope you’re enjoying the warmth while we’re enjoying the snow. Look forward to the netball world series (hopefully). Say hi to Maree and Glenda for me 🙂

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