Cromwell part 2

This is probably the longest we have stayed in one spot for a while.  11 days (so far) on the shores of Lake Dunstan. We have plans to head to the West Coast, but we have been staying on here as Roy needed to be within reasonable driving distance of Dunedin and/or Timaru.  It is amazing how it makes one feel being held up by other people, as we are actually quite happy to be here so long as it is our decision to stay put and not someone else’s.We did travel to Mosgiel on Friday 10 February as Roy could finally get his task completed…only nearly 2 weeks after he asked for it to be done.    Gripe over!

Not far from where we are parked is a marker for the 45th Parallel, interestingly, another marker for the parallel is just out of Oamaru. Same parallel but very different landscape, weather, geology and geography.


We have seen some lovely sunsets and cloud formations and in the photo below you can catch a glimpse of the full moon in the top right hand side.  Oh and it is amazing the people you meet, the 5th wheeler in the photos below in front of our van belongs to a couple from Tauranga…….but what do you know?  they used to be in Tokoroa. We spent many a happy hour reminiscing and catching up on mutual friends.

parking sky

We have been out and about on a few drives around the area and came across this interesting sign!

ps 1

With this “man and his horse” near the sign.

ps 2Perhaps he is as happy as a pig in …….

Of course we should mention the weather, it has been glorious with temperatures well into the 30’s most days.  We have even taken to having a swim or two to cool off.  The evidence is below;

swim 2

swim 3 swimbathing beauty!

We have even caught up with more of the ladies Alex and I met on our Singapore trip, I ran into Joan from Milton at the ice-cream shop!  And we had a lovely dinner with Marie, Glenda and Toby last week at Glenda’s place.

There are a number of people parked up here who are here on a semi permanent basis, some are working on nearby vineyards or orchards and there is one family here who live in their very large 5th wheeler/truck who have 8 boys!!  Yes, 8!  And they would have to be one of the happiest, nicest families we have come across.  You hardly know that they are here, the kids play happily together and spend a lot of time in the water and riding their bikes. 

Roy has been out every day trying to catch one of those elusive fish…. no luck so far but he keeps trying.

Another day and another drive – well, we do have a 4WD! -  this time over the back of Bannockburn to Clyde.

cromwell 2 View back to Cromwell from the top of the pass.

And this is what we get up to every afternoon around 5pm….people come with their chairs, drinks, and sometimes nibbles, when we sit in the late afternoon sun, talk, laugh and solve the problems of the world. Cheers!



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