Jacksons Bay

Thursday 16 February

The sandflies got the better of Bernice so we fled to the West Coast, which is probably not the best place to go to get away from sandflies! 

Before leaving Roy took a walk on the path from the parking area to the Blue Pools parking area.

fungi 3Fungi at the base of a beech tree.  It is about 40cm in diameter

fungi 2 Detail of the outer leaves? of the fungi

fungi 1Another smaller example (about 30cm) on the opposite side of the tree

 majestic beech A majestic example of a Southern Beech

Along the way to Haast  we passed over many narrow one way bridges, round varying degrees of slow and tight corners, and the ultimate in giving one confidence – a runaway exit!


narrow bridge The view from the passenger seat of the narrow bridge, and yes, it is damn close to the left side of the bridge!!

slow slow down

 down hill EEeeek!

runaway 1


run off yep, that’s it up there!

We stopped for a morning cuppa break at Pleasant Flat where we met another couple of motorhomers who gave us a recipe to make,  they assured us, an effective sandfly repellent.  So armed with this knowledge we headed to Haast and the shop to buy the ingredients (baby oil and Dettol) and made up a bottle of the stuff.  Well, it appears to sort of work. We shall reserve judgement until it has been well proven.  The same couple also told us that we can park up at Jacksons Bay so we have headed for there.

Haast River Haast River

Harst and a sign to prove we are here!

Straight roads with a Beech Forest tunnel make the drive into Jacksons Bay quite stunningroad to Port Jackson

and we arrive at Jacksons Bay and find the spot to park.  Literally right on the beach.

Port jackson 4

port jackson 3

port jackson 1That’s us on  the right  viewed from around the rocks

Port Jackson 2   And the view across the harbour

Once settled we wander off for a walk to check out our surrounds and meet our fellow motorhomers and also check out the wharf for the possibility of fishing off here later on. 

Port Jackson wharf Port Jackson wharf…and this chap wandering ahead, oh and the weather is not bad either!

Dinner tonight?  Fresh fish and chips, bought from the fish caravan by the wharf as the fisherman of the party is yet to provide fish for the table!  And not from want of trying though.  Not to be beaten, after dinner, he was off back on the wharf getting his line wet.  Others managed to catch a fish or two, but still we wait!

Friday 17 February

The fisherman was up and off early to the wharf this morning, still no luck though. After a quick breakfast we walked up over the point to “Ocean Beach”.  Its not quite like Ocean Beach at the Mount, however, pretty in its own right. 

epiphyteEpiphyte growth on a beech tree alongside the track to Wharekai-Te Kou.

Wharekai te mou bay 1The beach.

restingResting up on arrival.

conglomerate Most of the rock around and in the bay is conglomerate.

On the return journey we came across a Fiordland Crested Penguin hiding in a stream.

fiordland penguinWell, it was in focus before it moved.

It must be said that at this stage, the sandfly repellent seems to be working well.  The sandflies still hang around but they are not biting and who could blame them?  The smell is not the greatest, I am sure that people take a step or two backwards once they get a whiff of the stuff that I have plastered all over me!!  I keep with me a small bag of paper towels soaked in the stuff ready to re apply should the need arise!  Want the formula?  2/3 Baby oil, 1/3 Dettol, mixed together and apply liberally!  We have mixed ours in an empty liquid soap dispenser but a small spray bottle would be just as effective.  Just remember to shake the bottle well to mix before applying.  Someone else has just told us that they used a similar formula in the Australian Outback to keep the flies at bay; their recipe was 1/3 each of Dettol, Baby Oil and Methylated Spirits – do not stand near open flame!

We pack up and move on, with a stop at Hapuku Estuary to take in the walk around the wetlands.

nz orchidNZ Orchids.

nz orchid 2and more.  The individual blooms are three to four millimetres across. It has an extremely strong and heady sweet perfume.

ferns 2Epiphytic ferns

ferns…. and some more.

cobwebAh a genuine cobweb, not quite as extensive as those near Cromwell but better constructed.

supple jackSupple jack strangling trees.

Then off up the coast further to find a suitable point to stop for a day or two.

bruce beachMaori Beach, Bruce Bay.

whitebaiting standsWhitebaiting stands at Okupu.

whitebaiting standNot dissimilar to dip netting in Europe.

west coast weatherTypical West Coast weather.    

Spotted along the way

mobile home with tvThe genuine mobile home complete with TV aerial.


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