Murchison and Anniversary

13 March 2012

30 years!  Yes, its our 30th wedding anniversary.  Wow, I really was a child bride :)  In celebration we went off for a drive to see friends Pat & Sue who are currently Camp Mother and Camp Leader at DOC’s Lake Rotoiti campsite.

We arrived at their camp set up, and after a quick look around settled down for talk and a cuppa, inside, away from the damn ever present sandflies! Whilst chatting, we happened to mention that it was not until we arrived at their camp site that we noticed that we had nearly run out of petrol  Luckily for us, there is petrol available at St Arnaud, just 3kms down the road, so before lunch, Roy and I went off to fill up the tank and also to look around the other bays, camp sites and facilities.

golden oldies 2Golden oldies having a day out at Rotoiti

Lake RotoitiLooking up the lake

motorhomeGreat place to park a motorhome?

Back for lunch where we cracked open a bottle of 1993 Hunters Miru Miru, a bubbly we had had in our cellar for sometime, and very nice it was too.  We seemed to have only been chatting for a short time, when we realised that by now it was around 4pm so time we bade farewell and set off back to the Murchison POP.

rotoiti 2A different view of the lake from West Bay

Buller river Origin of the Buller River flowing out of Lake Rotoiti

We arrived back at the POP to find Margaret and John there, fellow motorhomers we had got to know in Alexandra.  We seem to be doing this, meeting up with the same people at different spots along the way, and its nice to see familiar faces at Happy Hour.

14 March

Today was chill out day and chore day, housework done, laundry attended to with the rest of the day spent  attending to lots of little tasks, interspersed with reading a few more pages of our books.

15 March

Time to move on out of Murchison and on to Nelson, as we fly out of Nelson next Wednesday to Auckland for a week.  An uneventful drive, we arrived at the Richmond A&P Showgrounds/Racecourse where we are to stay until we leave, plus they allow us to leave the van here for a very nominal fee – $10 for the week!  Score.

After setting ourselves up, we unhitched the RAV4 and  headed off down the road to Stoke to the VINZ centre to book the van in for its COF (Certificate of Fitness).  We were met with the most hospitable of receptionists, told to go and pick up the van as they could do it right now.  So back to pack ourselves up, and back off to the VINZ centre with fingers crossed, as we had heard from many other people of their experiences (all bad!), and how expensive it was with costs ranging from $120 through to $163.  The van sailed through the COF, phew, and that will be $98 thank you very much, which included a discount for NZMCA members!  Another score.  Off to buy a Lotto ticket!

NelsonParked at the racecourse

We will  be here in Nelson and the region for the next few weeks exploring as much as we can.


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