Sunny Nelson

16 March

Day spent in and around Richmond, slowly working our way through the very long shopping and to-do list we had prepared. Another score today, being Motorhome Assn members we get a discount at Noel Leeming Stores. We had headed in there to buy ourselves an Indoor/Outdoor Temperature Gauge which of course required batteries. We bought some rechargeable batteries and instead of $30 a pack, with the discount they came down to $14! Score again.

eveningsky_thumb Sunset at Nelson

17 March

Happy St Patricks Day! Off to the famous Nelson Market this morning, and what a treat, rows and rows of stalls all selling lovely fresh produce.  I had to restrain myself as I knew we only had a few more days until we are away so we did not need a lot.   After wandering around the market for the morning, we met up with friends Kevin & Fay.  More friends from early days in Tokoroa and Putaruru.  Kevin’s parents, George & June live with them in a lovely house in Nelson.  Now this is where more coincidences occur,  whilst they were giving us a tour of their house, it all seemed somewhat familiar.  And sure enough, it turns out they purchased it from Chris, an Altrusa acquaintance.  Small world.

We spent the afternoon with Kevin & Fay, catching up on each others news.

18 March

Anniversary Day for Mike, 40 years married.  We miss you Ann.

19 and 20 March

Spent in and around Richmond and Nelson getting ourselves organised ready to head to Auckland on Wednesday.  Kevin & Faye along with George & June came to our van for dinner.  A lovely evening was spent with them all.

21 March

Fellow motor homer Ian dropped us off at the airport this morning to catch our flight to Auckland for niece Sarah’s wedding this coming weekend.  Also catching up with friends, family and mates in the big smoke, will report in later!

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