Parnassus and friends

Before continuing, about a kilometre north from Wards Beach there is a rock outcrop known as Chancet Rocks.  This is reached by a walk along the seaside in shingle (quite hard walking).  The reward at arrival is a large seal colony with a mix of seals of all ages.  Well worth the walk of you ever find yourself at Ward Beach.

The road to Kaikoura always presents interesting views and is different each time one travels it.  Time, tide weather and mood all combine to give a different perspective.

The various tunnels on the road never cease to provide interest.  At the twin tunnels there is a sign  asking drivers not to overtake trucks as they position themselves to enter the tunnel. As they swing wide to the left to enter the tunnel apparently some drivers take it that they are pulling over and use the striped part of the road as a passing lane!!!

tunnelsOne North and one South



tunnel exitEmerging

The road is hung on the cliff side for a number of kilometres.  Easy driving providing some very nice views all the way along.  There are also a number of spots where one can pull over and admire the view as well as the seal colonies between road and sea.


And, of course, one can find a number of places offering the local delicacy.


We headed through Kaikoura to South Bay where we stopped to empty the tanks, fill with fresh water and stop for a spot of lunch.

Kaikoura restAt the recreation reserve at the end of north end of South Beach.

limestone layersThere is a major outcropping of limestone at the recreation ground layered and obviously uplifted and tilted.

This leads to a very ridged, straight lined outcrop leading into the sea.

limestone layers 2

We decided to press on and head for Parnassus where there is a Motorhome Assn parking spot.

Kaikoura wave

We arrived later in the afternoon where another dozen or so vans were parked, it was not long before we wandered along to happy hour. This parking spot used to be the Parnassus School, all the school buildings have been removed leaving behind the admin block which is now available for members as a meeting room and a library of donated books and magazines plus a loo.  There are plenty of grounds on which to park, with some lovely old large oak trees to provide shade in the winter.  Although it must be said that with the number of acorns falling off the trees, you gain some empathy for Chicken Little!

We have spent the last two days here and have made a couple of side trips to Waiau. Firstly to see Mark and Glynnis Paton.  Mark worked with Roy at Kinleith some years ago (don’t ask how many) and we spent a lovely afternoon with them catching up.  Then the next day we went to Sherwood Lodge to visit Pip and Craig.  A very pleasant day was spent with Pip and we came home with fruit from their orchard (and thanx for letting us do our washing too!).

parnassus parked at Parnassus

On Saturday Mark and Glynnis came down to Parnassus and we spent a delightful afternoon sitting in the sun having lunch and generally discussing motorhomes, boats, computer stuff and life in general.  A very nice way to spend a day with friends.

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