We arrived at the Tinwald domain and parked up at the overnight parking spot, and found that our friends Jim and Judith (whom we met at Fortrose) had also arrived. We spent two nights here and managed to get a few things done in town that needed attention. Anzac day and Roy went off to dawn service before we packed up and headed out to Jason & Erica’s for Andre’s 2nd birthday party…….photos to follow!! A lovely day was spent with the grandchildren before we decided it was time to head off down the road to Lowcliffe and the POP on the sea front.

Apart from taking a slightly circuitous route to get there, Bernice arrived ahead of Roy, but wondered why he was taking so much time to get through the gate as I could see the headlights shining, so back I go to investigate. Let’s just say that van+gatepost+darkness = oops!! Then what do you know? the RAV has a flat battery, so we push it to the van and jump start it, finally we get to the parking spot. All that was said was @&¥€+*^%#£.

Next day and inspect the damage, less said the better. In the afternoon we head off to pick up Dante and Rose from school, to take Dante into town for hockey practise and drop Roy off to get some work done. I had only just dropped Roy off and just gone further along the road when, with a loud bang, steam erupts from the bonnet of the RAV. I manage to creep safely around the corner out of the way of traffic. Two very kind ladies stopped to assist and offered to get help. Meanwhile, I race down the road on foot with the two kids in tow to get Dante to practise and not too late. Luckily Jason’s school is just across the road and as school had finished he was able to take over child minding duties. I went back to the car where both the breakdown man and Roy had arrived. To cut a long story short, we were towed to the garage, a heater hose replaced, interim new battery installed, and car booked in for Monday morning for new battery and a radiator clear out and check over.

Back to the van. Friday and Roy heads off into town to the library for Internet and work to be done, whilst Bernice stays at the van to do some baking. Well, that was a bit of a disaster, Anzac biscuits made without sugar, and a date loaf that split and exploded over the floor of the oven before I managed to retrieve it!! So gave up on baking, and sat back to to some knitting and watch a mother seal sun bathe and her cub splash about in the shallows, and dolphins frolic in the waves. Oh, I forgot to mention that the weather has been stunning and the sea incredibly calm. Roy returns and decides to try his hand at fishing……we had steak for dinner!

Saturday morning and off into town again to watch 3 grandchildren play soccer and hockey then off to the library again for more Internet/work, before getting the shopping done, then back to Jason and Erica’s to get some laundry done before retiring back to the van for another attempt at fishing.

Sunday and Roy headed off to help Jason slaughter two of their pigs ready for butchering. Bernice decided to stay at the van and found other things to do…..those of you who know how much Bernice enjoys gory stuff, you will understand!!

Monday and a day spent in town trying to get a few things done and also to get some decent Internet and phone reception. Back to the van and gale force southerlies blowing in from Antartica! We hunker down for the evening, the farmer came along and offered us a some shelter behind some of his sheds, but we decide to stay put for the night.

Tuesday and we decide to move, Roy has a lot of work on so we need to be able to access reasonable connectivity. A move back into town and back to the Tinwald domain. Here we will stay until at least Friday as Thursday is Theo’s 4th birthday.

No photos today – another long story!!!


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