A catch up, and the Great White Hunter


Whoever said that retirement meant you had heaps of spare time was lying!  Although it has to be said that the trend for procrastination does appear to be about right, cos with all this time, there is always tomorrow! Well, that’s our excuse for being slack with the blog so here we go with a bit of a catch up and the tale of the Great White Hunter will appear later on.

First up are photos of André’s 2nd birthday cake.

mushroom 3André and his cake


mushroom cakeThe Mushroom Cake

And here are some pics of the wonderful POP at Lowcliffe, where we competed with? well, no one really, for parking space!

parkedParked up, all alone

outletIs that a log on the beach? Yes it is but that other “log” by the water line is in fact a mother seal with her cub somewhere frolicking in the surf.

surf casting reposeAnd why not relax in comfort when surfcasting off the beach?  The locals provide this recliner to sit and watch your fishing line.  And yes, the fisherman of the family did actually catch 5 fish (all of them sharks), but not of keeping size!

ducks at seaand see all those birds on the water?  Ducks, they knew that the coming weekend was opening day of Duck Shooting season!!


Back to the family and here is André inspecting the new fencing which has divided the large paddock up into smaller blocks. andre 

concentration André (on small chair) and Theo intensely concentrating. 

After being blown to pieces out at Lowcliffe, and with no internet or phone reception, we moved back into Tinwald Domain where more ducks were taking refuge at the Domain Lake.  By Opening Day the whole of the Lake was totally covered by ducks.

ducks at lakeLake with Ducks arriving

We had booked the RAV into the garage for the Monday morning to get the repairs attended to the radiator and hose and the proper battery fitted.  We had our car returned Tuesday afternoon, luckily they had a courtesy car we had the use of for those couple of days. The repairs only cost one arm and one leg! Wednesday and Bernice left Roy working and she headed off to see Erica and the children, as she had been busy knitting a cabled vest for Rose for school, and she had also been cooking up a storm with dinner for the family for a few nights.  On her return journey back to the van, she noticed that the temperature gauge on the RAV was jumping around and heading toward High.   Back to the garage on Thursday morning, and wouldn’t you know it?  the water pump had died and he thought  that the cam belt needed replacing as well. Damn, there goes the other arm and leg!  Oh well, confined to barracks (no courtesy car available) Jason picked us up after he had finished work so we could  attend Theo’s 4th birthday party.  Ooops, this time we forgot the camera so you will have to take our word for it that Erica had made a lovely Dog shaped cake for Theo.

Got the car back Friday evening.  Told we are sooo lucky as it could have all turned to custard with lots of bad mechanical stuff that could have happened ……Bernice is writing this and her eyes glazed over at this point of the explanation. 

We woke Saturday morning and noticed that there was an awful lot of traffic on the road and could not work out why, until a bit of an explore and next door there is a massive bring and buy/swap meet sale run by the local Vintage Car Club. 


swapPart of the swap meet.

Sunday morning and time for us to move on.   We head for Geraldine and a nice POP just out of the township where we have been parked up since.  Roy has been doing the odd bit of work, Bernice is knitting up a storm for the grandkids, in between we have explored the township of Geraldine.  One of our finds in the town (apart from the great cheese shop and the chocolate shop!!) is a place called the Giant Jersey, where at the back of the shop the owner has made a complete replica of the Bayeaux Tapestry out of the teeth from old knitting machines!   

Oh, and were you wondering about the Great White Hunter?  Well, it appeared we may have had a mouse on board as there were nibble marks at the corner of a bag of flour stored away in a cupboard.  The cupboard was removed and a mousetrap installed at the back of the cupboard where wiring comes through.  And sure enough after a couple of hours, the peanut butter was too much to refuse and a mouse was indeed caught.  The trap was reset, and lo and behold, the partner of the mouse was caught.  So far no more mice have been caught but the trap is still set, just in case.  Roy has earned the title of GWH!

One Response to “A catch up, and the Great White Hunter”

  1. Mike Says:

    Good to see Roy is actually catching something – try the mice for bait (it might work). Some of us have been fishing near North Cape & spent a lot of the time throwing fish back – you can only squeeze so many snapper fillets into a flight bag..

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