As we sit here sipping on a vintage port, eating a delicious local blue cheese (Talbot Blue from Geraldine) accompanied by ‘bus-made’ quince paste, we reflect on our first nine months living full-time on the road.

What are the highlights? And lowlights? What have we learnt? What would we want to do differently? Have we had enough? What do we miss?

Well, let’s start with the good bits.  We just love this lifestyle, and no we are not sick of it nor are we ready to settle in one spot, wherever that may be.  The countryside and scenery are obvious highlights and of course the opportunity and freedom to be able to have the time to explore this lovely diverse land. But the one truly outstanding and best part has been the opportunity to meet and make friends with the most amazing, friendly, diverse bunch of people from all walks of life, all ages and backgrounds.  We have made some truly good friendships on our short time on the road, and we look forward to meeting up with those friends as we tend to do along the road, to share stories, good places, good wine and food and of course experiences.

And what have we learnt? Well, Bernice has learnt that Roy DOES know how to drive the van through narrow winding roads.  We get on well together and have managed to live very happily together in relatively confined space, with only the odd minor disagreement. We have also learnt that you do not need "stuff" to be happy, in fact the less stuff we have the better it is.

What do we miss?  Well, very little in fact, perhaps to stand under a shower with the hot water running endlessly, but that is now looked upon as a treat rather than something that we are missing out on.  Plus I guess it proves that we are very ecologically sound, as our use of water (minimal), power from the national grid (none, solar used),  and waste of all kinds is also minimal.

What would we do differently?  The only thing that I can think of is the amount of gear that we initially thought we needed however, many things have been shuffled and reshuffled and eventually removed from the van (thanx for the storage Mike!!).

So now we head off to do our housesitting stint, first on Helen & Don’s hazelnut farm, and then back to Pen-y-bryn for 6 weeks.  Come the beginning of August we will be heading off again.

Movement Update:  We left Geraldine (finally) last Sunday and headed for Waimate where we spent the next three days spending time around the town and spending the evenings with dear friends Anne & Paul playing cards until all hours and laughing ourselves silly.  Shame about the results though, we girls ‘allowed’ the boys to win just about all of the games!  On Tuesday sister Sue and her husband Jeff called in on their way through the town, the next day we headed off to Oamaru, calling in and doing a few jobs along the way before heading out to Helen & Don’s where we will be until mid June.

It is noticeable that a lot of the permanent motor home dwellers head for a comfortable site and hunker down for the winter.  Our way of doing so is to "house sit".  An opportunity to take stock and lose some more of the useless items on board.

So we may be a little sparse in our postings over the next few weeks as there may not be a lot to comment on.


2 Responses to “Musings”

  1. Ross Davies Says:

    Great blog. And no, I am not one of those spam commenters šŸ™‚
    When we started our blog we listed a few others that we had found. It seemed a good idea. Do you mind if we list your blog on ours?
    Ross and Wyn Davies
    p.s. think I saw your blog linked on the forum.
    p.s. Isn’t Elaine Bay a stunning place!

    • rkvannini Says:

      Hi Ross,

      No problem with the link at all.

      As to Elaine Bay, yes it is stunning and we would love to return at some point.

      Roy & Bernice

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