On The Road Again

As we drove out of town on Tuesday morning nearly 2 years to the day that we left for Europe and the start of this odyssey, Roy & I  looked at each other as Oamaru disappeared out of the rear view mirrors and smiled, woohooo!   we are back in our van and off on the next adventure.
So what have we been doing for the past 5 or so weeks since our last blog entry? Without boring you all with the minutiae, we have been housesitting back at Pen-y-bryn, which included looking after dogs, guests and housework (pffffttt!).  Friends Bill & Linda came down from Auckland to get married at Pen-y-bryn where we had a lovely, memorable weekend with them along with Bill & Estelle.  We even had a surprise visit from an Owl on their wedding day which must have made its way down the Billiard Room chimney before the groom Bill managed to catch it and release it.    A lovely visit from best mate Jacky, we had a lovely time together, chilling, cooking, knitting and chatting.
In between duties we spent time catching up with friends and family, quiz nights, netball watching,  perfecting sourdough bread making and getting a few other tasks completed. That entailed for Bernice completing a range of knitting, sewing, embroidery and crafty things that she had promised Ann, before she died, that she would finish for her.  For Roy it was head down and get lots of work done.
We had a week back with Helen & Don on the farm once our Lodge sitting duties were over, where again, time seemed to quickly slip by.  We needed to stay on until last Friday as we wrote and ran a quiz as a fundraiser for the Cancer Society on behalf of the major sponsor the National Bank.  A great night with good funds raised for this worthy cause.
It took us a couple of days to get ourselves organized, van packed and cleaned.  Our intentions are to head to Takaka and spend some time exploring that region  before crossing the ditch for the North Island sojourn.  We are particularly looking forward to another housesitting stint in Auckland over the Xmas/New Year period which means we will be able to spend time with Antony and with Simon and Anita as well as other family and friends.
Back to the here and now, first stop on our travels was Ashburton for a quick catch up with grandchildren, and to also stock up on more wool and patterns for more knitting projects.  Our first night back in the van for 11 weeks, get set to crawl into bed but……………..damn, a leak in the back window means that Bernice’s side of the bed is very damp, so fire up the heating to dry everything out, brave the elements to make a temporary repair to the leaky window, and it’s not too long before we can finally make it into our own bed. Bliss!

Wednesday 8th August
To Christchurch today and to Steam Scene where we park up & meet up with fellow permanent bus dwellers Jim & Judy. We spend the rest of the day catching up with them and looking around the park.  By mid afternoon  the rain finally decides to stop so tomorrow we will be able to make a permanent fix to the window – amazing what a little silicon can do!  We are also out of practise with the Happy Hour routine however luckily we are both fast learners.

Thursday 9th August
Happy Birthday Alex!  Can’t believe that our ‘baby’ is 26 today, hope you enjoy the Jet Planes and Pineapple lumps we sent you xox


2 Responses to “On The Road Again”

  1. sue & jeff Says:

    enjoy your freedom, know how you feel.Live life to the full you 2, no more commitments
    luv fron dixon’s

  2. Alex Vannini Says:

    Thanks for the pressie! Enjoy being back on the road again (which of course I know you will).
    Lots of love, your ‘baby’ x

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