Four districts in one day

Mitre 10 Mega, Noel Leeming, Plastic Box, Kathmandu, are just a few of the stores that have had a few visits from the Vannini’s in the past couple of days.  We went off shopping with list in hand, actually make that iPad in hand as Bernice became frustrated with trying to explain exactly what it was she was after, thus with some internet trolling and pictures added to the iPad, we went shopping.  There is always something that we seem to need/want/desire, this time it was little things that just make life that little bit more comfortable.   And a very successful shopping expedition it was, we got everything  crossed off our list.

We must also congratulate the assistants in the shops, without exception,  every store we went into the assistants were pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.  Christchurch is making a huge effort to welcome customers into their stores. You can’t ask for more than that.

Saturday 11 August

We have been parked at Steam Scene in Mclean Island for the past couple of nights.  The place is a collection of live steam exhibits, stationary steam engines, two railway systems, one full size the other small scale.  In addition there is a sawmill, rock crusher and a number of other apparatus all of which operate on live days courtesy of a number of steam producing boilers.


Unusual carriage powered by a tractor engine on the full scale railway.


One of the small scale engines


Parked up at Steam Scene


And in case you were wondering where we put guests….


this is the annexe on the road in front of us!!

We left Steam Scene in Christchurch on Saturday, heading off toward Murchison.  Our first stop was in Culverden where we met up with Pip from Sherwood Lodge for a spot of lunch.  It just so happens to be 2 years ago to the day that we stayed with Pip at Sherwood on the night before we flew out to Vancouver on our way to the UK and Europe.   How time flies, and oh how much we seem to have managed to squeeze in to the past two years.

After lunch we headed off through the Lewis Pass enjoying the scenery along the way.

lewis2 The view from the passengers seat,


and towards the drivers side.

Bernice finally figured out that she could plug her iPad into the stereo system and we could listen to some music.  The rest of the trip to Murchison went very quickly along with by some very loud music and some very off-key vocal accompaniment!

And to prove that the Sourdough breadmaking has been successful

bread1 bread6

Oh, and the reason for the title?  We left Christchurch  this morning, crossed into Amuri District, then into Buller District before finsihing the day in Nelson District.  Not quite the same as four countries in one day…but nearly!!


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