How many men, and how many days, does it take to fix satellite TV reception?  Read on as the answer will be revealed.

After spending Saturday night at the NZMCA park in Murchison, we were up Sunday morning ready to continue on our journey to Kaiteriteri where we were meeting up with friends Michael & Bernadette.  The weather forecast was not brilliant with heavy rain forecast for later in the day with this in mind we thought it best we get underway and parked up before things became too soggy. 

We arrived at Kaiteriteri around midday where we were met by Michael & Bernadette then shown to the parking spot they had picked out for us.  We are at Bethany Park in Kaiteriteri which is where a number of motorhomers park up over the winter months.  We parked, set ourselves up but oh dear, no TV reception. It seems a tree was in the way of good TV reception, so pack up and a move required.  At this point, Bernice & Bernadette beat a hasty retreat and left the blokes to sort things out in their own unique manner! 

at bethany parkThat’s us all settled in to our parking spot.

Over the next few days we settle into a non-routine of chores, chillaxing, tripping into Motueka for supplies of one kind or another plus decent internet reception, coffee and tea breaks and shared meals.  Wednesday turns into a day of pretty persistent rain although we cannot complain as we see on the news that some parts of the country are pretty sodden (North Otago in particular) but at least it tests Roy’s repairs to the leaking window which I am happy to report is now leak proof.

 happy camperMichael enjoying dinner by candlelight with a glass of wine. 


dawn dawn2

Dawn after our first night at Kaiteriteri revealed low cloud or sea mist hiding the distant shore


sex on the beach A walk along the beach revealed The source of that well known cocktail “Sex on the Beach”….

There are large areas of mudflat and swamp in the area behind the main beach at Kaiteriteri revealing a large variety of birds. 

heronIncluding this Heron have an early morning wade looking for breakfast.


kaiteriteriA view of the beach front


volcanoA volcano? on the horizon

Pukekos feeding on grass roots,

dainty hold   foodthe one on the left daintily holding a root with it foot whilst eating the root away from the top of the plant. The feeding area on the right was carefully provided by a motorhome being carefully realigned.

You may have heard of Bluff oysters and Mountain oysters

land oystersbut INLAND MUD OYSTERS????

One afternoon we head off down to the beach at low tide to collect mussels off the rocks, and cockles from the beach.  We collect just enough for all of us to have a meal.


Mussel gathering  and Collecting cockles

As the saying goes, when in Germany do not mention the War, well when with Michael & Bernadette DO not mention satellite TV. They have been having the odd problem with TV reception and setting the satellite dish in the right place. Michael had been having issues with his set up and over the five days we have been here, every day has seen a new problem, new solution, dish need a change in position etc etc etc etc!  Part of the solution to finding the right angle and set up position, Michael has borrowed our satellite finder, which is a device that basically “squeals”, getting louder and louder as it hones in on the satellite.  The noise can become VERY annoying, particularly as we seem to be hearing the damn squealer on a very regular basis, which results in the girls abandoning ship to quieter quarters.  Usually what happens is that the squealer is employed initially for a very brief period in the initial set up and not used again, but because Michael has had problems with connections at each end of the cable plus other ‘issues’, he has had to use it on a very regular basis.

there was a picture Michael "fixing” things at the TV end, and yes, there was a picture….momentarily,

try again try try again try try try again well it should work

the dish was moved this way, then that way, adjusted again, and again….and again.   Roy observed and proffered advice, new pieces were purchased, things were shifted, then finally on Thursday – its working!  What is even funnier, they pack up on Friday as they are leaving.  OOps, Friday morning and its not working again.  We wish we were a fly on the wall to watch the set up at the next stop over.

This has caused much mirth, so much so, we have made a sign and named their van eeeeeee(spoken in a high pitch)


names 1  names 2


2 Responses to “Kaiteriteri”

  1. Mike C. Says:

    Had a chuckle about the satellite dish problems. The 3 dish variables – Azimuth, Elevation & Skew angle change whenever you move geographically from one place to the next. Tell Mike & Bernadette to give me a call for a ‘training session’.
    Mike C.

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