Scenery & wildlife

The male member of the party still gets up at silly hours in the morning and goes off for an early morning stroll.  But he does take pictures of the sunrise so that the female member of the party can see what that time of the day looks like!

dawn 2 dawn Dawn over the estuary.

There is an abundance of wildlife around Bethany Park, we have already posted photos of Pukekos, Oyster Catchers and Herons. As well as the usual birdlife like sparrows, thrushes and seagulls,  

sparrow 2seagull

there are also Bellbirds, Tuis and Wood Pigeons. The Pigeons come visit a tree just outside the van door and feast on the flowers that are just emerging on the trees.

pigeon 2 pigeon 3   Beautiful wood pigeons. 

quail 1 quail 2      

And seen at the lookout, a few quail.  Along with a rabbit or two hopping around, cockles and mussels from the beach and fish hiding in the water as well as whitebait, we could literally live off the land if we chose!!

Saturday and after visiting friends who are staying over at Marchwood Park by the airport in Motueka, as it is such a lovely day, we head off for a walk along the beach at Little Kaiteriteri and a walk along the headland at Kaiteriteri to admire the views.

reflection 2   View across the beach

Seen on the side of a campervan at the Beach was this sign!


Sunday and we have decided to stay on here at Kaiteriteri for another week before heading over to Takaka and Farewell Spit as we have a few things that need to be attended to this week .We have just realised that the van needs its COF by the end of the month – can it really be 6 months since we got the last one in Nelson?  So we need to book it in for that, and we need to fill up with gas and petrol, plus Roy has a bit of work to complete before we head off into the land of limited/no cell phone reception therefore the same for internet reception. 

Oh and its raining again, which is a good excuse to do some baking.   A sourdough loaf is cooked, and it is a brilliant one, meltingly delicious melting moments with passionfruit butter cream, date & walnut loaf and lemon bars.  MMmmmmmm.


One Response to “Scenery & wildlife”

  1. Michael & Bernadette Parish Says:

    Sorry to miss tasting of melting moments. Loved the fart B & m

    Bernadette & Michael. Sent from my iPad

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