As Sundays roll around we say ‘yep, its time to move on’ and every Sunday, we come up with another excuse to stay on another week.  We are still here at Kaiteriteri, some days soaking up the sunshine, other days soaking wet!  So what have we been up to?  Well, we ventured into Nelson to the Saturday Markets, met up with friends,  we have completed a few odd jobs, had a haircut, started polishing the van, sightseeing, knitting, baking (Christmas Cakes made!) and generally keeping ourselves out of mischief.

Just along the main road into Kaiteriteri they are putting in new footpaths, and where there is insufficient room they are cantilevering them above a 8 –10 metre drop down on to the road below.

building footpathno room

suspended footpaththe path

Also note the width of the road, it makes for very interesting driving through in the van, especially when meeting a truck or bus coming the other way.

Another day we went for a drive up to Marahau. This is where you can catch a boat into Abel Tasman National Park gaining access from the sea.  We did this trip a couple of years ago so this time was a land based look around.

marahaucarved bird

View over the bay at Marahau with the tide out and an interesting bird sculpture outside a shop.

wild chooksOn the way home, we came across this group of chickens on the side of the road.  We weren’t game enough to chase them into the bush to find free range eggs!

On another recce around Motueka we came across a roundabout of sorts, which was all planted up with an old dinghy in the middle.  This reminded us of our trip around France, where there seemed to be a roundabout at nearly every intersection which were decorated with sculptures and plants, usually with something that was unique or famous to the region eg. large sculptures of oyster shells, or dip net fishing etc.

boat  roundabout 2

French example                    Motueka example

Just along the road from the roundabout we discovered the Motueka Saltwater Baths.

salt water bath 3salt water bath 2

salt water bath 1A tad chilly for a swim.

Just along from here we enjoyed Fresh Fish and Chips for lunch whilst enjoying the scenery.

old motueka wharfOld Motueka Wharf Memorial

ship wreck Shipwreck just off the beach

dawnAnother spectacular dawn at Kaiteriteri

morning mistand the following morning revealed mist enshrouded tidal flats toward the mouth of the stream.

Spring has sprung and we are seeing a lot more blossom on the trees and shrubs

spring blossom 2spring blossom

Above the camp there are a number of Mountain Bike trails which cover a wide range of skill levels and different terrain.  Went for a walk of about two hours covering one of the more gradual tracks.  It led to the top of the hills that surround the  Camping ground and gave a good view of the main beach.

view from on high

At each of the track intersections there were marker posts naming the trails and also giving map coordinates.  It is really well set up and at weekends there are a large number of people who come out here specifically to utilise the facility.

mb post 1 mb post 2 mb post 3 now i know where i am

This couple were whitebaiting in the stream that flows into Tapu Bay, alongside a maimai that has obviously been around for a while.

whitebait and maimai

and the number of bird species seen here continues to grow.   The thrushes are always around filling up with worms out of the soft ground.  The Tui are not yet abundant according to the locals, but they are still appearing daily in selected trees.  We also see Plover and gulls regularly.

thrushtuiploversitting it out

I did not appreciate the size of the Pukeko foot until they were outlined on the tarmac as a wet footed Pukeko crossed.   The mobile phone is 11 cm long just the same length as the middle toe of the Pukeko.

sizeable feet

Oh, and yes, we are “stuck” here for another week, a tough job but someone has to do it!

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  1. sue Says:

    pleased you are making some difficult life decisions like how long to stay.Lucky you

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