We’re off, soon…..maybe?

Another week has rolled around, with plans made to move on Sunday….all going well. It is weather dependent really particularly if it is not too boggy underfoot so that we do not get stuck in the mud! Here’s hoping all will be well.

We are heading over ‘the hill’, Takaka Hill which the locals tell us just a hill, get over it! Whereas a few fellow motor homers insist on telling you horror stories of brakes failing, steep climbs, twisty corners etc etc. However we figure that milk tankers, logging trucks and the like regularly head over everyday so it should not be a problem….check back in a few days and you will see.

Friends Michael and Bernadette are back with us and are also heading over the hill with us. Oh, and for those interested, their TV is now working! This week we have spent quite a bit of time together playing cards and the like with much hilarity helped by the consumption of a few bottles of port! We are getting through the remnants of our elderly wine cellar. One bottle consumed this week was a bottle of Hunters Cabernet Port, which we bought when living in Tokoroa in the mid 1980’s. It had not only aged well, it has travelled well through moves from Tokoroa to Auckland, a move within Auckland, then onto Oamaru, and goodness knows where it’s been with us in the van. There are still many bottles left from the Tokoroa wine cellar days, but we are getting through them quietly. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it 🙂

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