Over the Hill

A leisurely start to Sunday, bread baked, washing and drying done and by the time we had a quick bite to eat we were off for our trip up over “the hill”. Takaka Hill which we have heard so much about loomed ahead of us.  Michael and Bernadette went on ahead of us whilst we took our time, pulling over to let traffic through regularly and at one stage stopping so that we could get some space between us and another large motorhome. 


A tight corner or two on the downhill side.

The trip was uneventful and not half as bad as we were led to believe and soon enough we were in Takaka and meeting up with Mike & Bernadette.   We headed out to Pohara where we parked up at the local Boat Club at Tarakahoe harbour.

 parked at Pohara Boat Clubdawn

Parked up………..and the view from the van back window!

An early morning wander around the area reveals the extent of the limestone formations found here.  The main road goes through a gap in the base of a rock cleft.  The cleft has been widened a little at the top and also raised on the left side.


main road 1rock on rock

And down in the sea is a piece of bedrock which is being eroded by the sea, but not before another rock had fallen on top of it. These two are at least 40 metres from the nearest cliff face.


leaning togethertypical limestone formations

The rocks on the left lean against each other providing mutual support whilst that on the right is gradually being worn away from the rest of the formation.

The limestone is full of fossils

 fossils galore


abel tasman memorialOn a rise just along from the harbour above Ligar Bay is this memorial to Abel Tasman.

Behind the harbour is the remains of the Golden Bay cement works which were closed in the 1980s when the operations were moved up to the far north of the North Island.

old cement works

And this is what is meant by the expression “like a shag on a rock”

best foot forward


And one last photo from Motueka….a specialist shop!!



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