Caught up

Before leaving Oamaru we were somewhat delayed by somebody falling down.  Trying to carry our potted garden down some steps, missed the bottom step, severely sprained both ankles (chip off one), twisted knees, bruised backside and dented pride.  Hence the need for crutches and bandages.


However, we finally left Oamaru and headed for Ashburton and a catch up with Jason, Erica, and grandchildren.  The following day we headed for Christchurch where we stayed with Pat & Sue, fellow motorhomers.  Off we headed back to Nelson and to the van.

On numerous occasions we have passed the Maruia Falls when travelling between Murchison and points north. This time we took the opportunity to pause and have a look.

maruia falls

Quite spectacular, particularly as we had had some rain in the past few days.  These falls were created as a result of the magnitude 7.8 Murchison Earthquake in 1929.  Not by upthrust of land but by a landslide in the Maruia Valley, diverting the course of the Maruia River  forcing it to cut a new channel over an old river bank, then washing all the old sediment out of the river bed to create the ten metre high falls.

new path

The river continues to erode the surrounding old river bed.

And now here we are back at Richmond Racecourse, we had left the Motorhome here when we took off back to Oamaru.

We had previously stayed here in March/April this year prior to returning to Oamaru for our house sitting winter over.  It is an ideal spot for getting things done at the top of the South Island.  Handy to Nelson and also handy to great sources of fresh fruit and vegetables.  There is also a very good physio across the road so Bernice can hobble over everyday to get the ankles and knees moving again.  

Somehow we managed to acquire the two items below and these clearly show how the Aussies, particularly those we know, stick together.

aussies together

Whilst staying here we were treated to a display of young riders and horses on Sunday morning.  I am not sure whether the show was for ponies, young riders or mothers but there was a high level of involvement from all concerned.

fashionsmall 2

small horses small

The size of some of the competitors was certainly in proportion to the size of the horses!


These three however were in no way involved, all they wanted to do was join in the day at the Farmers market in Nelson.


And finally the food shot of the week.  Lunch consisted of a soft boiled free range egg with added butter and a drop or two of cider vinegar (instant hollandaise) using fresh asparagus, lightly steamed, as soldiers.


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