And wouldn’t you have guessed it?  The day we changed our duvet from the winter weight to summer weight, we get a cold snap.  Typical.  However, we have persevered and now quite comfortable.

We left Tahuna and Nelson on a bright sunny Wednesday and headed to Blenheim.   An uneventful, relaxed trip with the odd stop for a cuppa and a bite to eat.  We both commented that this was a much nicer way to travel rather than long distances in the car, as we take our time, can stop wherever we like and have a cuppa. 

Roy was keen to catch up with his cousin Michael who lives in Havelock, so we arranged to meet up with him in Blenheim on Thursday.  We had a pleasant lunch with Judy & Michael, before we bade farewell and headed back to our parking spot at the Blenheim racecourse where we met up with fellow motorhomers Robin & Alan whom we’d last seen at Pohara.  A very pleasant evening or two was spent with them as well as Jeff & Phyl.

We have been raiding our wine cellar and came up with these three beauties, a Matawhero Pinot Noir from 1979 (we think), a Chianti Reserve 1981 and a Chianti Ruffino 1982. Most would have made a good base for vinegar however one of the Chianti’s was very drinkable.  It must be noted that all three had real corks in them, to add to our collection.  Corks are very rare these days, particularly for NZ and Oz wines.


We are staying at the racecourse in Blenheim but this has to be the surprise of the area.

centre  jetty 1

In the middle of Blenheim they have this river flowing through the centre of town.  There is a walking path along the riverside that extends for at least six kilometres out of town.  There is also the Marlborough Queen that runs along the river.  Although it is not steam nor a paddle wheeler.


These murals are on the backend of a stock agent building adjacent to the river.

 mural 2 mural 1

Although it is difficult to relate this one to Blenheim, Marlborough or New Zealand!!

mural 3

Although this is more like it and a common sight!!!!


Left Blenheim on Sunday afternoon for Picton and we are crossing the ‘void’ Monday afternoon.  Keep your fingers crossed for calm waters.


4 Responses to “Blenheim”

  1. Robin and Jenny Benton Says:

    Hope you had time to look at Omako Aircraft Museum, an awesome place when we saw it earlier this year.

    Robin & Jenny

  2. sue Says:

    Welcome to the north Island, hope the crossing went well

  3. Mike Says:

    Always gr8 to hear bout your travels .Loved the photos particularly the one of the duck.
    Lov B & M

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