Crossing the void

On a blustery Picton morning, we nervously waited in line to board the ferry. Quickly and efficiently we were ushered onto the ship and expertly manoeuvered into position.



Once on board we wandered around getting our bearings, whilst admiring the view. We saw these poor fellows going for a ride.

Then we were off through the Sounds,


Some people played on their iPad!


It did not seem too long before Wellington came into view and we had to make our way back to the van ready to drive off and find ourselves somewhere to park for the night.


I must say that the service and assistance from the crew on Bluebridge was excellent, especially to those of us on crutches! Our parking spot on the boat was tight, those guys really know how to stack us all in.


Once we were off we decided to head out of Wellington central, and headed 20 minutes north to Paremata, and this wonderful, free, parking spot. Bliss. The fishing rod had been taken out and the line wetted, although locals are not catching anything either. The view at dusk was not bad either.


So here we sit and watch the comings and goings. It’s a tough life, but you will be pleased to know that we are taking care of the tough jobs.



3 Responses to “Crossing the void”

  1. Amanda and Chris Says:

    Hey guys, great to see you’re in our land now!? Any plans to come to Taranaki? Wld love to catch up if you do. Cheers, Amanda and Chris

  2. Amanda and Chris Says:

    Hey guys, I thought I’d sent u a message earlier but it appears not! ANy plans coming to Taranaki? WE are permanent here for a while so would love to catch up if you do decide to head this way. There’s plenty of room here for your rig. Cheers, Amanda and Chris

    • rkvannini Says:

      Hi Amanda and Chris,

      I thought I had approved the comment so that it would show. However have done so now. We will be up your way in the next two to three weeks. We have to be in Auckland by the end of this month but will n0t be rushing as we instend to leave the bus in Taupo and drive up from there. Will keeep you posted as we progress. We are currently in Mana, Wellington.

      Cheers Roy and Bernice

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