Who said Wellington cant turn on the good weather?  Our parking place is in the Ngatitoa domain in Mana. This is the entrance to the Porirua inlet and the view from our front window is not half bad.


View from the van

WellingtonAnd here we are all parked up.

Tuesday and we settled into our usual routine by scoping out the local area.  It just so happens that my brother Mike’s daughter Natalie lives just 15 minutes down the road so it went without saying that we had to catch up.  Natalie and Renee came to visit for the afternoon and we just had to try out the local fish and chip shop in Plimmerton for dinner. (Yes, ok, we have to use cash as bait!)

gourmet meal

Joined in a meal by Natalie and Renee

Wednesday and off out to lunch with Nat’s husband Richard along with Renee and then off for a tiki tour around the city enjoying Wellington’s beautiful weather.

Thursday and we were to meet up with Roy’s cousin Antonia Davin to catch up with family history and general genealogy matters.  So it was off to pick up Antonia before heading off to Oriental Bay for a fine long lunch and much conversation.  It seemed only a matter of minutes before we realised the afternoon was slipping by, but we still had time for the three of us to head to Te Papa to visit their magnificent exhibition of portraits.  All too soon it was time to take Antonia home before heading back to the van for a quick tidy up before heading to Natalie’s for dinner and an evening of watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey before cheering on the Silver Ferns to their epic win over the Aussies!   

Friday and the weather had finally decided that we should experience a little of Wellington’s reputation of being a little windy!   We went for a ride around the south west coast to Owhiro, Island Bay, Evans Bay and then back through Porirua and Titahi Bay

On the way we found Carlucciland, we are not sure what that is but these are some pictures of what we saw! 

carluccidead ant

spider little on big 

what 1elephant 


From there it was a short drive to Owhiro Bay where the road tapers off to a gravel track with the following signs warning us of the odd hazard!


The road wends its way around the coast, where there are apparently a couple of old beachside baches/cribs (holiday homes) snuggled up along the base of the cliffs.  This are a is now a large marine reserve. 

bay 2roadbay

From our parking spot we could look across the Bay to the South Island to see the Kaikoura Ranges with a sprinkle of snow on the tops.

kaikoura south island

Outside the information centre was this sculpture of a whale shark.

whale shark

We left there and wended our way around the various bays toward the airport and Wellington Central.  We saw a number of interesting houses along the bays including the following;

evans bayknights

And guess what?  Island Bay does indeed have islands off the coast!

island bayisland 

This lighthouse was also at Island Bay, it appears to be an old lighthouse that is now being used as a home or holiday home. 

 old lighthouseWonder what they have for lunch? This is a reference to Margaret Mahy’s classic children’s book “The Lighhouse Keepers lunch”.

On the way back to the van we ventured in to Titahi Bay for a look, not very inspiring but we can tick that off the list!  

 titahi Titahi Bay

Late afternoon and the weather is truly foul, gale force winds buffet us all evening and rock us to sleep.  Saturday and the wind is not much better in the morning and it also starts to rain.  By late afternoon the wind drops and the rain starts to diminish.

Roy’s cousin Michael whom we met in Blenheim has a son Adrian who lives in Wellington.  He is also interested in the family genealogy so he came to the van for a visit and catch up with Roy.   Meanwhile, Bernice and Natalie were going to head off to the movies however, our plans were forced to be changed and we spent the afternoon hanging out at the van. Sunday will be movie afternoon!


3 Responses to “Wellington”

  1. Natalie Fountain Says:

    Caralucci land is a mini golf course – not that you can tell by the weird sculptures.

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