yachts away

This was our parting view if Ngatitoa Domain as we left there on Monday morning.  It was a busy morning of yachts setting off out for a sail, whilst we packed up and headed off, first to the Dump Station in Plimmerton before trekking along the highway to Otaki where we found a delightful spot on the beach to park.

at the beachThis looks like a good place to stop, but can you please turn the van around the face the other way so we have the awning and door on the sea side?

fine day at the beach2Done!  Please note the chairs set out under the awning, and the wine glasses on our side tables.  The fisherman was tempted to go and throw out a line as well, but chilling-out took precedence!  

sun riseTuesday morning sunrise

Time to check out what was happening a few hundred metres down from us at the river mouth.   Fishermen galore and whitebaiters cheek by jowl!

surf castingwhitebait

After a little retail therapy in Otaki (NB. The main Highway is lined with Factory outlet stores 🙂 ) it was back to the van as Natalie and Renee were coming up for the afternoon to join us for dinner. 

beach combersconcentration

Renee and Natalie Beachcombing….and afterwards Renee playing on the iPad, which Poppa, Renee thinks would make a perfect Christmas present!

a little advice a winner 

And on the other iPad, Natalie and Bernice were having a Scrabble battle…..however, note that some people were gaining a little assistance!  And the score, yes, after a few games, Natalie won one and here is the score to prove it.

We have had a couple of complaints recently regarding the lack of bird pictures, somewhere in this early flowering pohutakawa is a bird I am sure.

 early Pohutukawa  

And John, how’s this for a decent size lawn to mow??



2 Responses to “Otaki”

  1. sue Says:

    Where is the bird siting on the fence?????

  2. rkvannini Says:

    a work in progress 🙂

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