Otaki to Foxton to Waiinu

We woke to a still calm morning at our beach parking spot in Otaki, very calm seas with hardly a wave lapping the shore.

calmcalm 2

Kapiti Island in the background         Birds on the shore

Whilst we were packing up and getting ready to hit the road, we noticed a boat working along the shoreline.  It took us a couple of minutes to work out that they were in fact dredging.  Dredging for what we are not quite sure, perhaps crabs or scallops?

dredgingdredging 2

We were soon underway and heading for Foxton, as we planned to park the van safely and then head off into Palmerston North for the day. 

foxton golf courseParked at Foxton Golf Course

The reason for our sortie into Palmerston North was to get ourselves a SKY decoder.  Extravagant we know, but the netball mad fan of the touring party had planned on attending the World Fastnet Champs in Auckland this weekend but due to recent events, planning went out of the window.  So SKY is the compromise!   And they happen to have a department specifically for Motorhomes which means that yes, we have a decoder but we have to organise the installation ourselves.  Not difficult we are told.  So back to Foxton and the van and install the decoder.

sky 4sky 1

Roy installing the decoder

sky 3Now where does this wire go?

Only one phone call was required to sort it all out, and hey presto! we have pictures.  Now bring on Friday and the start of the netball! 

sky 2Picture and sound.

Thursday and we are off again, through Wanganui and to a beach further north where we have been told there is good parking.  A lovely drive through pretty countryside, and great views of both Mounts Ruapehu and Egmont. 

ruapehu 2taranaki 2

Ruapehu                                         Egmont

We stopped along the way for a cuppa at a rest area and were met by these fellows, we did look for eggs but could not find any!

  chooks 1    Free range chickens

The spot in which we paused was called the William Birch Reserve and through some gates and a short walk, we were led to the Birch Pools.  We cannot find out anything much about these pools except they were built in the 1930’s and were used by Maxwell School.   There are three pools, fed by a stream and obviously can be filled by stopping the flow of the stream.  

 pool 4pool 2 pool 3  

We arrived at Waiinu

waiinu 3

Parked and ready for the afternoon

waiinu 1waiinu

The beach at over the dunes from where we are parked. 

And finally

unusual sign

No it is not a bird on a fence but a good combination of an aggressive bird ensuring that the locals take note!

One Response to “Otaki to Foxton to Waiinu”

  1. Edwina Leader Says:

    Morning……just joined your blog. I have to say it makes for better reading than the news whilst having first coffee of the day. So positive xxx

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