L for Eltham

Is just about as good as the infamous O for Awesome!  

We took a drive up the road to Eltham, primarily to visit the Cheese shop and also to have a quick look around.  This is where Mainland Cheeses are made including a lovely Kikorangi Blue. And yes we did stock up on a few examples.

lfor Information board.

Eltham also has the distinction of having the first tar sealed roads in New Zealand. These days the main employers in the town are the Dairy Factory and Meat works.  Although we must say we found a very nice antique shop on the main road. 

The town is rather tidy and has a number of mosaics on various buildings around the town. 

wall mosiacsexamples of mosaics

And this local Real Estate Agent (McDonald Real Estate) has a sense of humour!

old mcdonald

We should also mention that as well as sightseeing our way around the country, we are managing to keep brains active as well.  Roy is currently doing a course,  Introduction in Evolution and Genetics from Duke University.  This is all done via the internet with lectures downloaded, and tests done.  Soon he has his final exam.  Bernice is making sure he is well fed and watered,  reading voraciously as well as knitting for grandchildren.  


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