Cape Egmont

Some people get ahead of themselves.

After leaving Hawera we were going to stay at Cape Egmont for a couple of days on our way north.   However the first stop was at Opunake where we got an internet fix at the Library and a very good lunch at the cafe opposite.


Mural opposite the library

peter snell 

And outside the Library was this statue of Peter Snell, born and bred in Opunake.

Then on to Cape Egmont.

We got there to find that there was no suitable parking at all.  It was also at the end of a quite narrow road and had no area where we could turn the van with the car attached.  So after unhook, backing and filling, hook up,we were on our way again.

View from Cape Egmont.  Yes that is Australia out there somewhere


and of course the lighthouse


On the way back from the Cape we were severely challenged by a very proud father with his family.  He obviously felt that this was his road.

get out

Suitably admonished we paused to allow them to cross the road

mum dead kids

On the opposite side were a number of Guinea Fowl of varying colour.  However they were not as territorial so we were allowed to proceed without hinder.

guinea fowl 2 guinea fowl

Finally we reached the Kaitaki Golf Course just south of Oakura where we were accommodated behind the club house.


Now the next post will be in order!


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