Stratford to Piriaka

Woke to a stunning day in Stratford, from our parking spot at the Stratford Golf club;

golf courseparking at golf club

Having spent the past four weeeks travelling around in sight of Mt Taranaki we finally got to see it .  Mind you within hours of this photo being taken it once again hid its summit in cloud.

Mt EgmontMt Egmont/Taranaki

Once we fuelled up we headed off along the Forgotten Highway, with warnings from some ringing in our ears.  Apparently the road is not for the faint of heart…well, especially in a large vehicle towing another vehicle, but we figured that Cattle Trucks et al head through, so we should too.

The first half of the trip through to Whangamomona was through pretty country, the road a bit twisty in places, but nothing too serious.  We stopped for a break and had lunch at the Whangamomona Pub.  Whangamomona declared itself a Republic in 1989 as a reaction to county boundaries being redrawn and the town being removed from the Taranaki region.  Every year since then, a Republic Day has been held.  There is very little left in the town apart from the pub and a few old buildings.

main street Whangamomonathriving metroplis

Main Street                                 once a thriving metropolis

Whangamomonaand the pub.

From there it was into the second half of the journey through to Taumarunui, over some pretty rivers and bridges,

Whangamomona Riveredge 2

And then onto the Moki Tunnel aka the Hobbit’s Hole.  This tunnel is 180m in length and is hand cut, the floor of the tunnel was lowered a few years ago to enable three tiered cattle trucks through, even so its a tight squeeze.

going inin

Going in……                                its dark in here …..then,

tight nearly out


out and out!

From this side of the tunnel, there is around 20kms of unsealed road, but it is fairly flat and not too twisty so it wasn’t too bad,   although this is State Highway 43.  Not quite the same standard as most State Highways.

SH 43 1 SH 43

Then we left the Taranaki District and entered Ruapehu, and to prove it, here is the sign!


To acknowledge our arrival into the Ruapehu District, Tongariro threw a wee party and blew off a bit of smoke and steam to welcome us, nice!  We headed straight through Taumaruanui and to the NZMCA parking spot at Piriaka just a few kms out of town. By this time, 4.30pm,  it was pretty warm as well, with the temperature gauge hitting 26.5C so it was time to relax.

piriaka 1piriaka

Parked up at Piriaka

I have been requested from time to time of late to show some fence sitters, especially birds.  So here we have it!  A bird on the fence and then a second “bird” on the same fence.

Tthis quail was sitting on the fence just outside the van door,

bird 3

and this old “bird” was caught sitting astride the fence too!!

bird 2


One Response to “Stratford to Piriaka”

  1. Laura and Mike Says:

    The trip along the Forgotten Highway is a wonderful and memorable trip on a winter’s morning under a clear sky (in a small vehicle, that is). It is, as you state, “pretty country” and I like it well. But you do not write about what you thought of it after having travelled it in your large vehicle towing another vehicle. Hmmm…
    Regards, the Hendersons.

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