What does one do on a very hot Sunday afternoon when the temperature in the shade is reading 31C? You decide that the guest accommodation wing (aka tent) needs a good airing. What with the pending arrival of Alex home from London shortly, she is going to have to sleep somewhere!!!! It seemed to have started something as John thought it would be a good idea to also air out their two tents. Under the blazing afternoon sun, we set out to put up, not one, but three tents.

Roy pegging down the base and John reading the instructions!

John’s tent up, easy it was too.

Our tent up….hmmm, a little more difficult to put up!

Another easy one

Tent city!

Now it looks like a camp ground, what with the three tents up, plus our van complete with awning out!

Now after all that hard work, we deserve a drink…..and what better than to use up some to the fruit from the trees lining the driveway.

Delicious blood orange drink, next we will try the lemonade fruit.


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