We were captivated by the comprehensive and professionally delivered presentation given the other evening by our niece Jenny. Jenny was putting forward a case for a new phone, as her other phone was broken. The presentation was to persuade her Dad of the obvious benefits of purchasing an iPhone5 for her use. The presentation included comparing androids and iPhones and different versions of each phone.

First was the PowerPoint presentation with the accompanying talk, going into technical detail of each phone and the pros and cons of each. Then came the handouts, one on each phone variation including pricing and comparisons. It was a compelling presentation done by a 16 year old who was obviously intent on attempting to persuade her dad to invest in an iPhone5 !

Finally, was the contract that she had drawn up to sign between her and her Dad, which included the promises of keeping room tidy, cooking, cleaning, even to the extent of offering pedicures!

And the result? Well, after much contemplation, Dad decided to have repaired a broken screen on an iPhone4 that they already had.


One Response to “Presentation”

  1. James G Says:

    Oh my, this reminds me of countless jobs I’ve done where I have put my heart and soul into a presentation about why the minister should do whatever it is I was proposing, and after listening to the presentation the ministry keeps doing what they were doing all along. Tell your niece to apply to the World Bank for financing!!

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