Saturday we headed up to the Lighthouse at the Manukau Heads for a look around this part of the country as it is all new for us. We arrived at the Lighthouse and discovered that today was  the 150th Anniversary of the sinking of the Orpheus and major celebrations were earmarked for the day.  The Orpheus sank off the Manukau Heads on 7 February 1863: 189 crew out of the ship’s complement of 259 died in the disaster, making it the worst maritime tragedy to occur in New Zealand waters. 


Manukau Heads                          Lighthouse in view


View from Lighthouse to carpark   view down harbour – SkyTower on horizon there somewhere.


Although there were bands playing, food on offer plus much more, we decided to head off and explore our way around the rest of the headland and check out the many beaches and bays.

  P1010847 P1010850

Wattle Bay                                       Orua Bay west


Orua Bay east

P1010855 P1010856

Pohutakawa over Big Bay       And the skytower on the horizon

P1010857 P1010858

Grahams Beach

Sticking with our usual theme of birds and other things that fly, we came across a top dresser doing his work.


On our return to the Regional Park, opposite the entrance we caught a glimpse of something peeking out from behind some bushes…

P1010862 P1010866

Not sure of exactly what this plane is but it has obviously been there a while.

Awhitu had filled up with many family groups out camping for the weekend and in the next park a group of scouts/cubs were having a weekend away.  It was great to see so many families out an  about having fun in a lovely setting.

Sunday and time to leave Awhitu and head back to Ambury. Ron & Janet called to say that they were coming to visit us which seemed like a perfect opportunity for Bernice to have her turn at making scones.  The results speak for themselves and a second batch was quickly made!

 P1010867 P1010869


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