On to Shakespear

And yes I do know how to spell Shakespear as that is the correct spelling for the Park name!!

On the Tuesday night when Alexandra returned, we went into town to have dinner with Simon and ended up at De Post in Mt Eden.  It just so happened that it was quiz night so we decided to enter a team.  After some good Rounds and some not so good rounds we ended the night fifth equal, a good result.

And before we leave a couple of photos from Ambury.

At the park there is an open frame through which one may take photos, so here goes


But this has to be one of the best signs seen for some time


On to Shakespear at the end of the Whangaparaoa Peninsula north of Auckland City.  And so here we are in another Auckland Regional Council Park.


The following morning walk revealed a great dawn viewed from the top of the hills surrounding the back of the campsite.


And then looking down on the campsite and the beach where we were located.


Auckland City from afar


Bird life within the park and surrounding the campsite was prolific as here

 black back  Black Backed gull

 dotterel Dotterel

 quail  Quail

waxeye Wax Eye

peacockPeacockfantail 2   Fantail

tui Tui


But back to our adventures. Alexandra had invited a number of friends to meet up with her so we were duly invaded and set up our own tent town.

tents upTents being erected

537134_10151462511017660_1128090868_n The team

beach cricket Beach cricket

cricket 1 Park cricket

485383_10151464734887660_82528384_nThe outfield

shot Shot!!!

It should be noted that the cricket bat was a piece of suitably shaped driftwood found on the beach and the first ball was of the tennis variety, also found.  We had to call Antony for extra supplies of balls to be purchased.

Meanwhile, in the same cabbage tree being used as the wicket, a native pigeon was feasting on the flowers and seeds and taking little interest in proceedings.

what 2

Alexandra and Khaled in for a swim


The team gathered for a farewell shot

 the team

And some more examples of pohutukawa and the amazing shapes that they assume.

pohutukawa 3

pohutukawa 2


The story of the Jip Jop.

For many years, Tip Top the ice cream company had their main building alongside the motorway in Auckland and the script letters they used for their name had a long tail on the T of each word. This made them appear as J.  They were known as Jip Jop by a certain member of the family.

Now even Tip Top have recognised the problem and changed the logo to delete the tails on the T and can now clearly be seen to be Tip Top.  (ah.. memories of foie gras in a little restaurant named Tip Top in France two years ago)

tip top 1


3 Responses to “On to Shakespear”

  1. Goodbyes and new job! | The Vannini's Manoeuvres Says:

    […] as well as a nice beach and supposedly there is some good fishing around as well. We stayed here last year when Alex was in NZ with her […]

  2. Fiona Says:

    Hi Guys, really enjoying your blogs, how do I get back to the beginning of your journey, so I can read what adventures you have been up to, thanks Fiona

    • rkvannini Says:

      Hi Fiona,

      And pleased you enjoy our blog. Go to the Archive List on the right hand side of the blog, and you will see a list of dates by month in order start at the beginning, which will be at the bottom of the list. Hope that helps


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