We have been here in Whakatane for over a week now. We took the opportunity to stay put for a while, as Roy has to wait for his new spectacles to be made and at the same time John was planning to go away for a week to a fishing tournament in Whitianga so we could housesit, dog sit and teenage daughter mind!
Staying put for a week or so meant that we could catch up on a few things such as annual accounts, cleaning, tidying, get a haircut, generally relax and take stock. Although it has to be noted that the same things always seem to be on the end of the list at the end of most days. I think they call that procrastination.
The duties of the past week have hardly been onerous, the housesitting not too difficult. The dog, Chum, has taken to lying under the van in the shade most days, occasionally bringing us “treasures” and we now have a nice collection of strange odds and ends. The teenage daughter, Jenny, has been a pleasure to feed/water/walk, as she so eloquently stated! Which has meant that the week has flown by without a hitch.
Next on the agenda for the Vannini’s is to leave our comfortable spot here at John’s and head off through the Waioeka Gorge to Gisborne and wend our weary way around East Cape to eventually arrive back in Whakatane around the weekend of the 20th April for a family get together. We are really looking forward to this trip as it is many years since we have been through that neck of the woods. First, we must await the arrival of Roy’s new specs so he can see to drive!!!!


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