Keeping it clean

We like to keep things clean around here, especially the clothes!  Laundry, a chore but a necessity of life even when you are living on the road.  How do we do it?  Do we have a washing machine on board? Allow me to explain. 

We have toyed with the idea of having a washing machine on board, however;

1.  I am reluctant to forgo a cupboard to store the said machine, 

2. we then have to ensure we have adequate water on board

3. which then means we have to allow for extra grey water storage

4. extra power usage

5.  and finally, all the machines I have seen for use in motorhomes have a small capacity i.e. a 2kg load

So what do we do?  Sometimes, we make use of Laundromats in towns around the country, other times we use and abuse friendships and turn up at friends and family with laundry in tow and beg to use their machine. 

On the road we use the following tried and true method.  This method is totally Eco friendly as it requires no electricity, it involves:

  • a receptacle 
  • an immersion apparatus
  • hand operated twin roller squeezing device
  • drying implement  to effect efficient evaporation of moisture
  • effective tethering equipment

First, take the said receptacle aka a  large tub, partly fill with fresh water (captured rain water is good for this), pop into the tub Live Simply Laundry Balls see for an explanation of how they work. Then effect use of the immersion apparatus (made efficacious by drilling large holes around the circumference) by the use of generous amounts of elbow grease – ask at your local hardware store for a tube of this!).

washday2_thumbStep one

Secondly, after much effort on behalf of the operator, the clothing is then prepared to be put through the hand operated twin roller squeezing device, which is attached to the work platform by two clamping contraptions NB said platform is used mainly by the male member of the touring party to reach high places .  Again, apply a good measure of the elbow grease mentioned above to rotate the handle whilst feeding the clothes carefully between the rollers.  If this operation is done with care and consideration, it negates the requirement to press items of clothing with a heated ironing device.

washday1_thumbStep two

Thirdly, erect a rotating drying implement to effect efficient evaporation of moisture whilst tethering clothes to the said device with colourful fastening contrivances.  This step is best done under clear blue skies with large yellow orb looking on down from above, and a gentle zephyr will improve efficiency of evaporation.

washday3_thumbStep three

It has to be said that a rotating device is not essential, a length of appropriate line placed between two suitable uprights may be substituted.   Of course this is the deluxe model complete with operator, be very aware that overuse or abuse of said model is ill advised.

So there you have it, simple really.

2 Responses to “Keeping it clean”

  1. Robin & Jenny Benton Says:

    The hardest part about your washing description would be where to source (not Tui) the twin roller squeezing device. Any clues would be welcomed!

    Robin & Jenny

  2. Bernice Vannini Says:

    Hi Jenny & Robin, the said device was picked up many years ago from a second hand store. I have also seen them on Trade Me.

    It has been stripped back, cleaned, greased, sanded, however resisted the urge to paint it!

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