All as quiet as a mouse

It’s true, it has been as quiet as a mouse…you know when autumn is here when you find evidence of a mouse in the house or rather a mouse in thevan We realised we had an extra passenger on board as we left Tokomaru Bay and we did indeed set the trap and catch two mice in very short succession whilst we were at Te Araroa. We thought that would have been it BUT no, back to Whakatane and parked at John’s next to maize crops, well, what do you expect!!! Another couple caught and quickly dealt with. It goes without saying that the male member of the party has to deal with the captured bodies, this woman runs a mile! All gone, but the traps are set, just in case.

We have been quietly getting a few things done on the van, we had the awning repaired which turned into more of a marathon than we anticipated but more on that later. Roy had another birthday, they seem to roll around fairly regularly and quickly these days, however, having birthdays is better than the alternative! Other chores have been dealt to and out of the way for the time being.

We have been fortunate with the weather as whilst the rest of the country seemed to be under water, the rain has been steady but not torrential and although we had our fair share, it did not hinder is in any way. We know some of our friends were nearly washed away at the Richmond A&P Showgrounds over the weekend, and others at Waihi escaped narrowly as well. Meanwhile we had a family gathering over the weekend and the rain did not manage to rain on our parade, it more of that later.

Normal transmission will resume shortly.


2 Responses to “All as quiet as a mouse”

  1. Mike Says:

    Hi Roy and Bernice glad to hear you are On top. Of the pesky little mice & your friends weren’t washed away.I t will give you something to do on the wet days chancing mice around the van
    We had great trip to Tassie did 3wks.
    Now in portland on the Great Ocean Rd and headin across to Adelaide to meet up with the rest of the boat people.well that’s about it for us take care and keep in touch.
    Cheers mike and Bernadette

  2. Peter Mercer Says:

    How come you guys have all the fun? Can’t wait to get my Gold Card! Sound (reads) like you are having a wonderful time. Its been a rather long time since we got together. Had a catch up with Simon last week and he is going to let me know when you are passing through AKL next and will arrange something. Take care and travel safe. Cheers, Peter Mercer

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