Someone, who shall remain nameless, left the lights on in the RAV overnight so a push and a shove was required to get the RAV in front of the van to enable us to jump start it.  However, we had just managed to get it in position when Bill & Estelle came to visit.  They are in Rotorua for a week, but popped over to Little Waihi to join us for morning tea of freshly baked scones with jam and cream. 

 photo(1) Roy, Bill & Estelle

Once fed, the blokes sorted out the car and went for a drive to get the car charged up a bit.  Meanwhile, Bernice made lunch of Broccoli & Blue Cheese soup accompanied with some Pepperdew savoury muffins.  Just what was required on a cool wet day.  An afternoon of reminiscing and laughter before Bill & Estelle headed back to Rotorua.

And now some observations of the bird life around here


Seagulls along with a number of other birds have a tendency to sometimes stand on one leg as if the other is missing.  Of course as soon as one approaches they lower both feet and take off in a hurry.


However, the same does not apply to Oyster Catchers.  They all tend to stand on one leg and when they are standing around in large groups of fifty or more one ends up with a collection of off apparently off balance birds   the real difference is as one approaches them.  Their first move is not to lower the raised leg.  They proceed to hop on one leg, provided the approach is not too fast, this they will do for some distance and if one withdraws they simply stop hopping and remain standing on one leg.  This looks quite hilarious as one sees twenty or more birds all hopping out of ones way.  If one approaches closer they will then lower their leg and walk/run away on two legs until they decide you are too close and finally take off.

Tuesday morning we packed up and headed off out of Little Waihi to Rotorua through Paengaroa.  We stopped half way through our journey for a morning cuppa where we were joined by a lively wee group of colourful chickens which emerged quietly form the bushes.  Couldn’t find any eggs though! 

3 Chickens

We have previously only passed through Rotorua in the van and have not stayed anywhere but we had been told that the Rotorua CT Club offered parking.  First we headed to the dump station where we unhooked the car and took a recce to check out parking at the Club.  We were back with the van 10 minutes later and parked in the corner out of the way. 

4Here we are parked up, Nigel-no-mates yet again.

We spent the next day catching up with Bill & Estelle and checking out the town.  Over the next day or two we had a number of other motorhomers parked up around us.


Directly behind us is a large park like area recently planted with many walkways.  It appears to be the start of an arboretum.  At present the major plantings are Maples  from prostrate to tree forms and these are under planted with azaleas and prostrate forms of a number of other species


The plantings are in a gully with a small stream running through


The stream has been partially dammed with a small pond being formed with a jetty and a lot of aquatic plantings


One of the azaleas still had a few flowers


Wednesday and Bernice & Estelle took themselves off to the Polynesian Pools for a soak and a massage, what a blissful way to spend an afternoon. First there was the hour long soak in the pools, there are 4 pools of increasing temperatures – 38C, 39C, 40C and 42C, once suitably relaxed Bernice had an Aix massage, this is a massage done under jets of warm water, meanwhile Estelle treated herself to a de-stressing massage.  Bliss.

cidImageSoaking in the pools


Thursday night and we all went to the CT Club for dinner, Roy did buy a couple of raffle tickets on the way in and guess what?  Yes, another meat raffle won! This time a leg of pork which has been carefully placed into the freezer to be enjoyed when we have company one night.

Bill & Estelle left Rotorua on Friday morning,  we were going to leave but….there were a couple of things we wanted to get done, time slipped by and we decided that it was too late in the day to move so another night in Rotorua,  A good excuse for us to sneak off to the Polynesian Pools again on Friday night for a late night soak. 

We have been dithering with making a decision on when we will leave.  It was to be Friday, then Saturday and now we think we will leave tomorrow, Sunday and head for …..?  probably back toward Tauranga as we have arranged to meet up with friends Pat & Sue early next week.  From there who knows?


One Response to “Rotorua”

  1. Ian barbour Says:

    Hi you two,
    Good to be able to keep up with your travels. We are back home now for the winter. However having said this we are heading off again to the music weekend at Hastings later in June. Are you going to be around that area by then?

    Travel safe and God bless.


    Ian B

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