Round and round we go

Sometimes it seems like we go round and round in ever diminishing circles. We did leave Rotorua on Sunday and we headed off to the NZMCA park just out of Tauranga to await the arrival of friends and fellow motorhomers Pat & Sue. 

But first a last couple of shots from Rotorua and the lake front where you can decide what sort of transport you wish to view the Lake.

float paddle

Float Plane                                      Paddle Steamer

Sunday night at Tauriko and the only company we had was a small flock of sheep.

 lambs 2

Pat and Sue arrived on Monday along with a couple of other motorhomes and we all enjoyed a lovely late afternoon happy hour.  I had taken the large leg of pork we had won in Rotorua out of the freezer so we could share with Pat & Sue.  The rest of the evening was spent playing Sequence – girls reign supreme!   One thing that is very noticeable since our move from the Central North Island to the Bay of Plenty is the change of temperature.  Off came the winter woollies, and back to t-shirts and shorts.  From there we headed into Fergusson Park for a couple of nights as it is close to where Pat & Sue were having some work done of their van. 

fergusonThis is morning tea at Fergusson Park.  The weather was stunning.

ferguson 1And another view of our fantastic waterfront park.

And not to be outdone, the sunsets were equally stunning

sunset 3

sunset 1 

Whilst we were at Tauriko, a fellow motor homer Jean showed us the windscreen shade she had made from under floor silver lined insulation joined with a silver tape. We have been contemplating getting one made but this seemed a much better AND cheaper alternative. So the next few days were spent making patterns, cutting large pieces of material to shape, including making them all a double layer for extra insulation. 11 metres of material later, we have the front windscreen insulated and front side windows almost completed as well.  This should make the van a lot warmer in the winter particularly as there is a decent gap of around 12inches between the front curtain and the windscreen due to the shape and angle of the glass.  

Thursday and time to move, Pat & Sue suggested we all head to Pyes Pa and a great POP where we spent the next few days through until Monday morning.  Unfortunately, we neglected to get the camera out whilst we were parked there so you will have to take our word for it that it was a great spot.  Mind you the amount of rain we had kept us inside a lot of the time so there was not the same opportunity to look around and take photos.  There were plenty of other people parked up there, and a great central room for all to gather and socialise.  Many more games of Sequence played as well as Rummikub.

Jenna came for a quick visit with some yummy salami courtesy of her Dad, yum.  And not forgetting the early morning rendezvous Roy had with Jenny to receive a very welcome parcel of freshly caught Bluenose, smoked Gem fish and smoked Bluenose throats.  Oh my goodness, we are so spoilt.  The freezer is full and we have enjoyed lovely fresh bluenose, and I made some lovely smoked bluenose pate and a couple of smoked fish pies.  Thanx John.

To complete our journey in a circle we have now returned to Matata for a few days.  And onto where from there we are not too sure, as although the winterless north may be warmer, it is also wetter and we are not too keen on the wet!


One Response to “Round and round we go”

  1. Ian barbour Says:

    Sounds like you are having a good time…you must be people magnets! Hope you using somewhere nice to spend the winter…they are certainly having their fair share of rain in the north. Happy travels…Ian and Alison

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