Alien, Alian and a-line-up

Silver Foil protects you from an Alien invasion doesn’t it?   After much measuring, cutting out newspaper patterns and measuring again, we have made the double layer insulating covers for the front windscreen and side windows.  With extra material left over, inserts have been made for the vents to stop draughts sneaking their way inside.   We are now safe from any pending Alien attack.

  alien attack protected from Aliens

We have been parked up here at Matata for nearly a week now, we have been enjoying the company of Pat & Sue who are parked up next door to us.  Speaking of parking up, we have noticed that when others come into the camp, rather than parking anywhere in the large parking area, they tend to come and park up either directly next to us or directly in front of us.  What is it with people that makes them want to cluster around us?  Maybe we are super popular and attract people toward us?  We have noticed this phenomena at a few places now,  sometimes it is rather annoying particularly if they block out our sun.  It is also appears to be a phenomena particular to caravan folk!

Over the last weekend we were invaded by Alian’s, as in Ali and Ian whose vehicle is called Alian!  We met Ali and Ian last year whilst in Golden Bay so it was a great surprise to see them drive into the camp on Saturday.  We had a great afternoon over Happy Hour(s) catching up and generally having a few laughs.

meeting of the committee 1 meeting of the committee 2

Bernice, Ali, Pat & Ian……………..and again, in front of Pat & Sue’s 5th wheeler

An afternoon drive to the mouth of the Tarawera River showed a possible fishing spot for when the sea had calmed down a little.  It was very rough with a large rip going out from the river.

Tarawera mouth

And a shot looking North showed the hills behind Matata in the distance.

norgth from Tarawera mouth

However this pair of Oyster Catchers were quite happy with the wind and sand being blown around

Oyster catchers

And to prove that sand does get moved around here is what happens when it really gets windy and wet.  These low growing bushes are about four metres above the beach level and about 20 metres from the sea but they are covered in sand after a nights heavy rain and wind.

sand encrusted

And this is the early morning sunrise from the beach 


Managed to walk to the river entrance and spotted this fish being taken from the mouth.  So I now know there are fish around.  So an expedition will be mounted for a fishing foray.

yes there are fish

And to prove that Bernice’s hands have not been idle, here are a couple of pics of the grandchildren wearing their hand knitted  hoodies, made from wool dyed by their Mum Erica. 


Andre, Rose, Dante and Theo

Attachment-1the three musketeers.

We have decided to stay here at Matata for at least another week, until after Queens Birthday weekend.  The weather forecast for the rest of the country looks a little grim in places so staying in the sunny Bay of Plenty is a no brainer.


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