The things we do

All day, everyday, there is always something that needs to be done whether it be chores, tasks that need attention or just do the things we like doing. All of the aforementioned seem to be on our to-do list of late. One wet day, we decided it was time to clean the roof vents, as ours have covers over them to enable us to keep them open in all weathers, the cleaning of them meant a large scale operation from the inside of the van. First remove fly screens, but to do this you have to remove the outer vent casing, then remove the fly screens. The taller member of the touring party ‘volunteered’ to reach up to clean the vent cover and surroundings, whilst the other member was left scrubbing the removable parts. Who would have thought that doing such a simple thing would make such a difference by letting in more light! Oops, that means we must do it more often.

That led onto the decision to spray the van for spiders as we seem to collect a reasonable number of the little devils. Suitable spider spray was purchased and the inside of the van has been dealt to. The outside is next on the agenda before we tackle the cleaning and polishing of the van.

Another day and time to spend some time in the kitchen; beetroot has been bottled, feijoas have been bottled in a delicious vanilla citrus syrup ( feijoa chutney in reserve from last year). And a day spent baking, filling the tins with date & walnut loaves, gingernuts, chocolate chips & almond cookies, feijoa lime muffins and today will be a rhubarb & ginger upside down cake perfect for dessert tonight.

Roy spent a day cleaning and tidying out cupboards and storage containers. “What was that you found?” “Oh, is THAT where that is.” Were familiar catch cries all day. Lots of treasures were found and the labeler got a workout, especially labeling all those pesky cords and charging devices.

Another day and its haircut day, Bernice headed into Whakatane for a haircut, whilst Roy allowed Bernice to attack his hair with the clippers….no, not a number one, but a good trim!

A wet day and we collect fresh water from the awning. We do this by lowering one end of awning to allow the water to run off one end and collect in buckets, however for sometime now we have been pondering the best way of getting water directly into our tank. So another trip into Whakatane and the purchase of a 12v bilge pump along with the connectors required. Call in on John on our way back to Matata to avail of his shed and services to join together leads/wires. At this stage I am told to go off and make myself scarce and leave the blokes to do their thing…what? You don’t want my helpful advise? Sheeeesh. Back to the van to try it out, however once the hose is attached to our water inlet, the pump struggles to push the water in. A bit more investigation is required and we finally figure out that the water inlet into our tank enters at the base of the tank therefore the pump is pushing against the large volume of water already in the tank. More simple mods will be made over the next day or two and fresh water will soon flow into the top of the tank.

My next project is to make a headboard for the bed. Our window frames are metal, therefore they get very cold and sometimes attract condensation . We have a window at the head of our bed which has a good thermal/blackout blind inside the frame, however, a bit of a gap between our pillows and the window frame would be good idea. Off to the recyclers where I found a suitable headboard, just a small modification to make it fit i.e. cut off the legs is all that is required. Oh, but I have some material that would be perfect to cover it, next I just need a bit of foam to act as padding, cover it, and voila, a stunning headboard will be made (photo evidence will be provided once completed).

So there you are, we keep ourselves busy. In between there seems to be time for fishing, entertaining, playing cards and of course the odd bit of knitting (hats and gloves now under way), as well as exploring the region we are in.


2 Responses to “The things we do”

  1. Leader Says:

    Hi guys need to book a long weekend with you soon xx

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Michael & Bernadette Parish Says:

    All sounds gr8. Internet. Has been hopeless over here, Yesterday we have been in Ayers Rock area, had wonderful walks &wonderful photos but will send you some at later date. We have arrived Sth Au, &slowly heading to. Mel . Camper has been wonderful , gave us all the freedom we needed. We are home in Kurow 28th June. Lov B & M xx

    Bernadette & Michael. Sent from my iPad

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