In and around the big smoke

Saturday night was spent watching the rugby with Jacky & Chris, just along from Eden Park. A terrible game from a spectators point of view but at least the result was positive on the All Blacks side, which is all that matters.

Steve & Leslie came to visit on Sunday with their grandsons, our great nephews, and after a night of rain there were plenty of large puddles for boys to do what only boys do best. The pictures tell the story.




Monday we headed over to Papakura to have dinner with Antony where we spent a lovely evening playing cards and dinner…shame about the choice of meat though Neil!

Tuesday was spent catching up with chores such as washing, thanx Jacky for the use of your machine. We also indulged in some delicious dumplings from Barilla in Dominion Road and their delicious beans. And just to tease Alex and Antony, although it has to be said that they were not quite as good as when we all shared them in February, which we put down to the company that was lacking this time around?

Wednesday was back to Jacky’s for lunch with some friends of her sister. Nice to catch up after many years and a delicious lunch as well of course. Then it was back to Ambury where we happen to meet up with one of the Park Rangers, whom we thought we recognized. It turns out it was indeed Locky Carmichael, a wonderful teacher that Antony was fortunate enough to have had for two years whilst at Parnell Primary. Unfortunately the teaching profession lost this amazing teacher for the usual reasons; less time spent teaching, more time spent form filling. However, schools loss is the Auckland Regional Council (ARC) gain. Locky now teaches at the education centres around the ARC parks where he can indulge in his passion for nature and the outdoors. It was great to catch up with him after over 20 years, and even more remarkable that he well remembers us, as we do him.

This week is lining up to be an epic one of socializing as we were out again tonight, Thursday, to Steve & Les’ for dinner, then Friday night we have a group of “old” friends from working days, or should that be daze?, coming to visit. Sunday another dinner with another group of friends from Roy’s school days and Antony & Neil are coming for dinner on Monday. In between we have to leave Ambury as the rule for staying is a 7 days maximum stay, then you must leave for 2 days before you can return. So Saturday we will wander off for a couple of nights before heading back to Ambury again. Oh, and Pat & Sue will be joining us again from Saturday.

Of course the hands have not been idle either and some new hats are on the way to the grandchildren;


We are also getting to know the locals, including this blackbird who seems to ave got a bit close to a bottle of bleach



One Response to “In and around the big smoke”

  1. Alex Vannini Says:

    Ha ha fail, didn’t make me jealous at all as there’s no picture!!

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