A week of it

After all the excitement of last weekend, this week has been understandably quiet. Although everyday has been very busy and with very little time to spare. After the initial few days, Roy has not needed any pain relief which has been great. We have had a few days of having to back the car around beside the van, to place Roy into the passenger seat and drive him round to the main buildings (through two sets of locked gates) for shower and toilet but now he is managing to wander off down to the toilets near the van. I should mention here that he is unable to use the loo in the van as the distance between the loo and the cupboards is not sufficient to keep his leg extended with his leg in the brace. The shower in the van also has a step up into it which makes life a little difficult for Roy to get in and out of comfortably so it is much easier to head off to the disabled showers in the Park ablution block.

All of this takes a reasonable chunk of time out of each day, throw into the mix; the visits to the Dr, visit Jacky to use her laundry, shopping, and numerous other tasks it seemed for a while there that we were constantly out and about. Roy had an afternoon/early evening out and about catching up with some old mates which he thoroughly enjoyed.

We have been reasonably lucky with the weather as well, whilst the rest of the country appears to have been hammered by wind, rain, snow and everything in between, we have been happily avoiding puddles and hoping for a bit of sun each day to top up the solar. If the sun does not oblige then we can turn on the generator to boost the battery banks. At the same time we have run a power lead to provide some power to Pat & Sue to boost their batteries as well.

We have been out and about around the region looking at prospective parking places, and seeing what facilities are available, however we have decided that we are best where we are at Ambury where the understanding Rangers have allowed us to stay on as long as is necessary. However, we did need to head off to empty the tanks at some point, so on Friday, Pat very kindly offered to drive the van to the nearest dump station which happens to be at a petrol station so we could get some fuel as well. Although I have my class 2 drivers license, I do not feel comfortable driving the van through Auckland traffic especially as I am unaccustomed to driving a large vehicle (Note to self, get in some practice!).

In between, I tried my hand at making some dumplings….

20130623-171518.jpgdamn delicious they were too and plenty to put in the freezer.

Saturday and we joined Pat & Sue for a trip to the Otara markets, with another market visit on Sunday but this time to the excellent Clevedon Farmers market where we came away with bags of goodies including some lovely bread, buffalo mozarella, free range eggs, sausages, honey, and heirloom tomatoes. Steve and Leslie along with their three grandchildren came to is it as did Jacky & Chris.

This week is looking to be another busy one with Tuesday being the day Roy sees the orthopedic surgeon at Middlemore hospital, once we know what will happen next we can then plan the following few weeks.


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  1. JLG Says:

    Hey, no horning in on my business!!

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