From bad to worse

You know how it goes, you think things are bad and they cannot get any worse, but they do! We took the van into Auckland Coach Builders on Monday to have the drawer replaced under the stove. Chris, the manager, took us for a tour through their building to see what they do…which is everything to do with buses, motorhomes etc from building, repairs to a full paint shop. It was very impressive. We left there and headed off over the bridge to Steve and Leslie’s, battling the traffic along the way…of course it was our luck that part of the motorway was closed due to an incident the night before so instead of a 35 minute trip it was a 2 hr stop/start journey. It was not too long after that we got a call from Chris, they had done the watertight test and it seemed all was ok, but give it some time as water tends to sometimes slowly make its way through, however, that was not the reason for his call, it was to tell us that the bench top had also ‘blown’ from water damage and was 10mm out around the stove! So that needs replacing too. Ok, insurance should cover that as it is part of the same leak, he will sort that out.

Tuesday morning and we head back across the bridge this time to the Orthopedic surgeon for the news on Roy’s knee. But first a visit to see Antony and a catch up with him. Then off to the clinic. The surgeon went through what was wrong; a small fracture, a small meniscus tear, a small ligament tear, and a few other things that I now cannot remember. What does all that mean? Well, as Roy’s All Black playing days are over, there is no need for surgery, in fact the best thing to do is to continue as he has been doing which is to walk little and often and slowly build up the length of time walking. Over time he will eventually stop limping and the pain will ease. Finally, some good news. Oh, but as we were waiting to go in to the surgeon, we got another call from Chris, might be a good idea to call in once we had finished so he could explain what he had discovered…

Back at the van, they were well into the repairs with the aircon unit off the roof as well as an old UHF aerial, and they were checking around all the vents and solar units ready to reseal all the joints when they noticed a problem with the roof. The roof is covered with a rubber EPDM material which was potentially lifting from the edge in places and as well as that it was……..Well, to cut a long story short we now have to have the whole roof resealed which means removing the guttering and awning, lifting the rubber material around the edges, removing…etc etc etc which all equates to lots of $$$$! It has to be done and it is just as well they saw what was going on now, as it is preventative maintenance before anything really major occurs. But something we could do without.

Another trip back across the bridge this time in peak traffic. Sheesh, are we over this traffic business! Wednesday and the day started with another phone call from Chris, I’m beginning to think we will not answer the phone soon!, it’s ok he says, there’s nothing wrong, we just want to know how to open the awning……..phew, is that all.

Thursday and its back across the bridge this time to Remuera for an MRI scan for Roy’s kidney problem discovered earlier this year. We have to go a hour before his appointment so he can swallow some dye. Results will be when we can get in o see the specialist in a couple of weeks time. That done its back to the van to check in on progress as Chris suggested that we should call in, seeing as though we were in the region. No more major problems, but we did tell Chris not to panic about finishing everything by Friday as we would prefer that they took their time, got everything done and made sure all was well.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying Steve & Les’ company, good food, no drinking though as its “dry July” however all the above could have driven us to drink. We are happy to have a few extra days here and spend some more time together.

Oh and I forgot to mention that on Monday evening, I tripped up and had a bit of a fall (actually a spectacular face plant!) resulting in a very painful knee, hip and wrist, so painful that I thought that I had broken my hip!!! However, just bruising of body and ego and a few stretched and strained muscles. We both now limp! What a pair.

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