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It’s been a weekend of division of activities by the sexes with the girls off doing their thing and the boys doing theirs. Bernice and Leslie started it all off with a trip to the movies to see White Lies, a NZ movie based on the novel by Witi Ihimaera, which comes highly recommended by us for viewing. Then on Saturday it was off down to the mall for a little retail therapy and some pampering, first it was the pedicure, foot massage and toenail painting, which was utter bliss. Then a little light lunch before some light retail therapy. Then it was back home where Steve and Roy, ably assisted by grandson Asher, were smoking the bacon that had been curing all week. And it smelt damn good too.

Later in the late afternoon, Leslie and I tootled over the bridge to pick up Jacky as we had bookings to go and see a Play. But first we needed a bite to eat, but where to go? The restaurant by the theatre was jam packed full of theatre goers as was the Japanese restaurant next door, however a short walk up the road and a Korean place looked interesting. A lovely shared meal of braised chili short ribs, a squid dish of some kind, bibimbap, and a host of other things that I now cannot remember what they were apart from the fact that it was delicious!

The play was called Nick: An accidental Hero, and a one woman show by Renee Lyons. Nick Chisholm has Locked-in syndrome, but this is not a play about a man with a disability. It’s a play about a man and the people in his life. The accident that resulted in his current state is simply a catalyst, an event that is circumnavigated to illustrate the finer points of the human condition. I say finer points, because Lyons presents us with how the characters deal with the situation, as opposed to focusing on the ‘what’ of the situation. While the latter could easily result in forced melodrama, the former gives us a proper insight into the people involved in Nick’s life, and, consequently, of Nick himself. Said characters include Nick’s mother Joyce, his best friend Boyd, his other best friend Liam, his now wife Nicola, and Soo Young Kim, an hilarious fictional Korean orderly cleverly used as a narrative device.

All in all an excellent show that we all thoroughly enjoyed and laughed at all the way through.

Sunday morning after an excellent breakfast of Steve’s home made bacon, some free range eggs complete with my homemade sourdough, Roy, Leslie and I went for a drive out to Clevedon to visit the Farmers Market. Although the weather wasn’t exactly the best we managed to dodge any rain showers and were back home in time to watch Steve slice up his bacon on his newly acquired slicer.

20130715-114707.jpgslicing action

20130715-114722.jpg Bringing home the bacon, and damn delicious it is too!

The afternoon was spent catching up on a few tasks which included making some more delicious dumplings, some of which we had for dinner. Roy went out for the afternoon to see Brian and Marjorie, fellow motorhomers, to help them with some issues they were having with computers, downloading books to readers etc etc. Back in March 2011 on our first week in our newly acquired motorhome, we met Brian and Marj in Tauranga where they provided us with much help and sage advice. They were at Ambury our last night there last week, where it was lovely to catch up with them again. We hope to meet up with them again soon somewhere in Northland.

The van is still in at the repairers, but hopefully we will be back on the road by the weekend. Watch this space.

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  1. Stuartinnz Says:

    I too can recommend ‘White Lies’ – it’s not just a movie for the women!

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