The weekend was spent catching up with friends and doing a little shopping rather than getting on with the mundane task of cleaning. Plenty of time for that another day me thinks. Saturday we arranged to meet up with Bill & Estelle at Botany Downs, a large shopping complex. We had a few items on our list that we needed to seek out and find, which did not take long at all. So plenty of time for a coffee and a bite to eat whilst catching up. Then it was time to head out to see Bill & Linda. We decided that it would be a good opportunity to gather up some of the old crowd for dinner the following evening at the Papakura Club so a few phone calls were made. Then it was back to the van in the late afternoon to get on with some of the chores we had been putting off.

Sunday and we headed out to Paparimu to catch up with Ron & Jan and also to invite them to dinner along with everyone else. Whilst we we there, another old friend Pat came visiting with her daughter and son-in-law, turns out that Pat now lives just a few hundred meters from where we are currently parked in rural Drury! Small world. That evening, we all regrouped at the Papakura Club for an enjoyable evening of laughs and catching up. Plus the Club also has parking for motorhomes, information which we shall tuck away for future reference.

Monday morning dawned, and we had drawn up a list of things that we needed to get done, which also included a bit of shopping, particularly for those items we forgot the other day. As well, a number of appointments were for later in the week. We headed into Pukekohe to get the shopping completed before heading back to the van to complete the cleaning and the tidy up of the lockers. We are slowly decreasing the excess stuff we seem to accumulate, either that or we are managing to reshuffle it all effectively to take up less room! Ron called in for a quick visit before heading off back home.

And the reason for the title of this entry? This morning (Tuesday) we had Roy’s appointment with the Urologist for the results of the scans Roy had last week as a follow up to the scare he had at the beginning of the year. We were quietly braced for the results however we got the good news that there is no change, no need for anything to be done just now, just another check scheduled for 6 months time. Phew! About time we had some good news.


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