Miscellany and underway

So here we are trying to escape from Auckland to finally start to make our way to the North for Winter.  Mind you it seems as if we are heading toward Spring without having Winter at this time.  The weather may have been wet and overcast but the temperatures have been very mild.  Or perhaps we are still on South Island temperature profiles.

Spotted the other day were these birds feasting on the last of the apples on the tall trees not far from our parking spot in Drury.  The first one spotted was a blackbird but he/she managed to get away before the photographer was ready.

This waxeye obliged by sitting long enough for  photo to be taken

 2 silvereye

And this Sparrow decided to duck inside for a bite just as the shutter opened.

1 sparrow

On the other hand we have newly born lambs at Ambury Park.  These fellows are part of a large number of black lambs born over the past month.

3 black lambs

Whilst these white ones are from a flock which is just starting to bear their young.  They are sheltering from a keen wind in a sheltered rock nest.

5 white lambs

At the weekend we attended Chris and Jacky’s son Asa’s 21st birthday.  Having spent the past week preparing for the party Jacky is relaxing with a cup of tea while waiting for the first guests to appear.

6 Jax

Later in the evening the compulsory speeches are made.  Here we have Chris, Isaac and Asa in front of the crowd.

7 Asa

And this one is of the birthday boy responding to the well wishers.

 8 bday boy


(Trumpet fanfare)

Loud Cheering.

We are finally on the move out of Auckland to the North. Or are we? But wait, there’s another hiccup! Water found on the floor Monday morning on our way to leaving Ambury, so a quick diversion back to the repairers where they replace a broken connection on the newly installed water filter. 

This time, we are off.

Yes we are on the right road and almost in the right lane.

 11 leaving

Through the tunnel under Victoria Park.

12 tunnel

And over the top of the Harbour Bridge.

13 top

We spend the first night out of Auckland at Wenderholm just north of Waiwera.  This is another of the Auckland Regional Parks and definitely one of the best.  Situated at the mouth of the Puhoi River on flat land with very large Pohutukawa, it provides  one of the best picnic or camping spots around.

On the inland side it lies at the mouth of the river where there are large areas of mangrove and mud flats.

18 mangrove

The whole of the Park was once the grounds of Couldrey House the home of the original owners.

19 couldrey house

The trees provide ample resting places for birds including this pigeon pair in a Puriri waiting for the berries to develop and ripen.

 16 pair

In the meantime this pair decided to follow me very closely as we set up to stay for the night and even sat around for quite some time before deciding that we were miserable for not offering suitable sustenance.  

 20 pair

Today we have undertaken a long drive, at least two hours, to Uretiti just north of Waipu.  We will be here for a few days getting used to being under way again and waiting for friends returning from Auckland before continuing North in convoy.

21 headsWhangarei Heads in the distance.

And now for a little light entertainment.

What is a Doofer? What is it used for?

I had never seen one before and had no idea what it was, so finally asked.

The pen is for scale.

10 doofer

No I’m not going to tell you now, you will have to figure it out.

Perhaps the answer in the next post.


One Response to “Miscellany and underway”

  1. Alex Vannini Says:

    Is a doofer to hold your burger in so that the contents dont spill out the bottom?

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