Time to reflect on our extended time in Auckland particularly from the perspective of visitors to the city. Firstly, we must say that we like Auckland, it’s vibrant, colourful, and diverse with lots of lovely beaches, parks and trees, and we really do mean lost of trees everywhere, it is very evident when you look out over the city at just how lush and green it really is.

Of course we love Auckland for the opportunity to see family and friends. Two sons, Simon and Antony are in Auckland and it is always lovely to see them both and catch up with them and Simons wife Anita. Then there is family with brother Seve and his wife Leslie, their daughters and grandchildren to catch up on, cousins, nieces, nephews as well. Then there are friends, friends from Roy’s days of growing up in Auckland and friendships made over the years of us living and working in Auckland. What is really great about all these people is that it seems as though we only saw them a day or so ago. We didn’t manage to catch up with everyone, however….we will be back!

What we don’t particularly enjoy is the traffic, BUT, it is just a fact of life of being in a big city and you have to allow plenty of time to get from A to B. And just as well we know the roads very well as if we followed the GPS or the non existent signs, goodness knows where we would end up. We do have to say that from the perspective of a visitor to Auckland, the road signage is very poor, particularly if you need to get from the airport (or Ambury) into the city or onto the Harbour Bridge. The signs are either non existent, badly placed, very small or terribly worded. And when roads change names halfway along, it does not help. For example; Manukau Road (which is the main route from the northern motorway exit or city to the South west Motorway I.e. airport) changes its name to Pah Road, which then becomes Queenstown Road, and is signposted as Queenstown Road exit off the motorway. Unless you know that this is the road/exit you need, you could well drive on by. As I said, local knowledge is key, and knowing easier, shorter and better routes than the GPS is also helpful.

Then there is the food. The markets and shops with all ethnic variations catered for, we really really enjoy this part of Auckland. From the shops such as Sabato, Farro and Nosh through to the Chinese & Korean Supermarkets and all the fabulous farmers markets, we loved them all. And yes Jacky, that includes spending time with you in the kitchen cooking up a storm. Cooking/eating with Steve and Les is always a pleasure and this time it was great to be part of the great bacon making as well as sampling the salami and sausages.

Then there are the Regional Parks, what a huge asset to the city. Where else in the world can you camp in a Park, surrounded by farmland just 15 minutes from the centre of the city? The Parks are dotted all around the region and in some stunning locations. We have really enjoyed visiting a few more of the 26 Parks.

All in all a great time in Auckland. Thanx to everyone who made our extended time in the big smoke so pleasurable. See you next time!


2 Responses to “Reflections”

  1. Alex Vannini Says:

    I think this should be read by all those people who have never been to Auckland but have already judged it as a bad place!

  2. Ian Barbour Says:

    Hi where are you two headed next? We are starting to head north middle next month.

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