With a view like this, is it any wonder that we have been a little slack in updating the blog.

It’s been a week since we arrived here at Uretiti and we are relaxing into Northland life. The weather wasn’t the greatest for a couple of days last week, in fact it was wet, misty and downright dull. But never mind, it was still lovely to be here parked in the quiet.

We did drag ourselves away from the beach for a few trips out and about. Friday we caught up with Di & Dave who used to have a fabulous restaurant in Oamaru, although we actually only caught up with Di as David is currently in the UK. It was great to meet up, and great to see where they live out on the Whangarei Heads at McLeods Bay. Saturday and we headed south this time through Waipu and Langs Beach

Onto Mangawhai Heads where we again caught up with friends from a long time ago. This time we met up with Bruce & Heather Rogan. Roy knew them both from Uni days, and from when Roy & Bruce worked at IBM as well as the old NZFP days when Roy was DP Manager (in the days before it was called IT) and Bruce was at IBM. It was fantastic to see them after such a longtime, and we spent a lovely day reminiscing.

In between, we have managed to check out the towns of both Waipu and Ruakaka whilst replenishing stocks and adding to the local economy. The weather has been very warm, so much so we have removed the winter duvet from the bed and we are looking at the summer clothes thinking that they will be out of the cupboard soon. Although of course as soon as we removed the winter duvet off the bed, the night time temperature has been cool. But that’s what happens when there is no cloud cover to keep in the warmth.

The plan, if you can call it a plan, is to leave Uretiti today and head into Whangarei for two nights to attend to a few chores and stock up before heading to Kerikeri for a brief stop over to meet up with friends, then onto Kaitaia for any last minute purchases before heading up to Cape Reinga. From there we will spend the next few months slowly working our way back southwards toward Auckland. We are doing it this way so that Marjorie and Brian can accompany us to the Cape and to points south of there until they have to leave us and head off at the end of August.

And now, what you have all been eagerly awaiting, the answer to the guess-what-the-doofer-is game, here it is made up

20130806-103707.jpgNo Don, it is not a hoofer doofer, and John some of us don’t rush to google to work it out, so Alex gets the prize for correctly guessing that it is for placing your hamburger in to eat so that all the contents do not spill out. Another couple of guesses were a rocking cradle for a pet mouse or a chip holder. The prize is of course the doofer!


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