Buffeted by strong winds,  lashed by driving rain, basking in the hot sun, we have had it all over the past couple of days.  After settling into the camp at Tapotupotu on Saturday afternoon, we decided to stay put for a day, so Sunday was spent catching up on chores and generally relaxing and taking in a few walks.


Heading down the road to Tapotupotu Bay, and the Bay ahead


The surf being blown back by the strong wind.

Just around the corner from where we are parked is a boardwalk and bridge across the estuary which is part of the walkway through to Spirits Bay.


Board walk                                     Bridge

From the other side of the estuary we could catch a glimpse of the vehicles parked,


Vehicles in the distance               Close up view

The walk over the hills is of a reasonable distance, but the knees are not up to hill work and long distances as yet, however we are working on it.  We have kept up with catching sight of some of the friendly bird life,

8pipit 50pipit

This is a Pipit, very similar to a sparrow in size and colouring, however rather than hopping along the ground, it runs.

10bird  Dotterel

At the other end of the beach the rocks were exposed at low tide.  Where we are parked is in the distance where the small patch of green grass is in the middle of the picture.   


We went exploring hoping to find some shellfish, however, not a mussel or oyster in sight.  In fact it was very barren. 

13pool  Roy rock foraging

However, we did have some very welcome visitors, a pod of around 15 dolphins came into the Bay for the day.  They moved very slowly up and down the beach all day, we presume that they were moving too slowly in which to be feeding, so we guess that they were protecting a sick dolphin and swimming in the relative calm and shallow waters of the Bay until it recovered. 


Dolphins swimming along the beach, very close to shore


frolicking in the shallows

24Bathingand this German lady thought it was fantastic that Dolphins came to join her swim in the surf….brrrrrrrr.


One Response to “Tapotupotu”

  1. Estelle Vincent Says:

    That German lady swimming with dolphins can be thankful she wasn’t over here in Hawaii yesterday when a German lady had her arm bitten off by a shark. Water is so warm but it rapidly put me off swimming.

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