Heading south again

Well we are finally turning our back on Cape Reinga and heading South again.   Having spent time at Tapotupotu we would gladly return and visit some of the more remote parts of this part of New Zealand.  Next time taking time to walk some of the tracks to Spirits Bay and Te Hapua.

So early, well early for some of us, it was up stakes and away.  We wound our way out of the Bay to the main road and then turned south.

Looking down on the bridge across the estuary behind Tapotupotu and there go Brian and Marj ahead of us.

  63bridge 64mates

First stop is at a lookout toward Cape Maria van Diemen and Te Werahi beach.


Some people needed a higher viewpoint to see the sand dunes!!

 68photo 69dunes

Then it was off to Te Paki to view the giant dunes and access road to the top end of Ninety Mile Beach.  We left the motor homes at the car park beside the main road and hopped into the RAV to go to the car park at the end of the road at the dunes.

The dunes themselves are immense and constantly on the move and changing shape at the same time.

 70tepaki 71tepaki

At the same time as we were there a tour bus came through from the beach.  It was quite some distance from the beach at this point and we could not see the sea from the riverbed even after having walked around a couple of corners from the car park.


We went back to the main road and settled in for morning tea and a breather before heading off to Paua. Heading down the road we get our first glimpse of the Silica Sand hills on the other side of the Parengarenga Harbour.

 76paua 77silica


Then we arrive at the location of the park over at the end of the road.  There is a derelict fertiliser shed and wharf and nothing else.  As the day at this stage was cool and very windy we decided we needed a little more shelter and more salubrious surrounds so we gave Paua away and headed for Houhora.

78paua 79paua


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