Houhora to Kaitaia

OK I put my hand up, I did it! I ran into Roy!  Accidentally of course.   We were removing the RAV from the A-frame when one of the locking pins became stuck, usually when this happens, the other pin is kept in place to keep the a frame stable, then I gently move the RAV forwards or backwards slightly and it is all done. However this time, for some unknown reason I removed the pin,  my foot slipped off the clutch and the car lurched forward just a few inches but enough to bang into Roy on his knee….yes, THE knee!! Ouch.  Over the next few days his lower leg and foot has tended to swell up a bit,  so he needs to get that checked out to make sure there is no serious damage.     

Our last few days around Houhora were spent catching up on a few more chores and checking out a few sights.  Its been a while since we last saw Kingfishers, there seems to be fewer of them around the country although that is just personal observations.  We did however spot this one at Houhora.


Next to the camp grounds is a large park which contains an old homestead, the Wagener-Subritzky Homestead.  Originally built in 1860, by the Polish immigrant Subritzky family, it was then sold to Subritzky’s married daughter (Wagener) and remained in the family throughout its history.  A family Trust currently is trying to raise funds to restore the building thus the building is closed however you are free to wander the grounds.

2Wagenerhouse_thumbWagener-Subritzky Homestead

Surrounding the homestead are large park like grounds which contain many lovely large old trees including a collection of eucalypts.  One in particular had a twisted almost spiral trunk and was quite spectacular.


From Houhora we headed off into Kaitaia for a night, to restock the larder, fill up with fuel and LPG, empty the waste tanks and collect our mail.  Roy also had a visit to a Dentist (he broke his plate…..again!) and a visit to a Dr to get his leg/knee checked (all OK).  That all done it was time to head off to the Karikari Peninsular and the DOC camp at Matai Bay.


One Response to “Houhora to Kaitaia”

  1. Michael & Bernadette Parish Says:

    Hi Roy and Bernice,great to hear of your adventures and we are looking forward to seeing you again when you are back a down south whenever that may be,we are out in our van at the moment around mid Canterbury playing a little golf and a little biking .sounds like you are havin great weather,our weather has also been quite nicety nite we are camped behind the hirunui hotel near culver den you probably will know it.take care and until next time. cheers Mike and Bernadette

    Bernadette & Michael. Sent from my iPad

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