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September 13, 2013

During our week at Tokerau we watched others putting out either torpedoes or kites to fish off the beach. This enables the lines to be taken out up to 2km off the beach, just a little further than surf casting. “He who must…” has been eyeing up all the different rigs to see which one he would like to put on his Christmas wish list in the hope that some generous soul may read it. We did watch some people bring in a few good sized fish, and one kind fisherman gave us some lovely fresh snapper for our dinner that evening.


There are many different ways in which people retrieve the lines, all done with a winch, some winch in by hand – as in manually wind a handle, others have a quad bike with winch attached to a battery and others use their vehicles and have the winch attached to the front bumper.
Watch out soon for the Motorhome towing a Rav4 with bikes on the bike rack, towing a boat, towing a quad bike…oh and why not throw a kayak in the mix as well!!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and how true is is. I was making a rub for a pork belly dish for dinner and needed to grind some spices, but oh dear, i do not have my mortar & pestle with me. What am i to do?, thinking cap put on and I came up with this make-do alternative.
20130913-145907.jpg A dariole mold as the mortar and the handle of an icecream scoop as the pestle. I can report that it worked a treat and the slow roasted pork belly was melt in the mouth delicious.

It does not seem like a week has flown by, but it has, and with the weather reports sounding as though we were due to get some of the horrid weather that had disrupted life in the south we made the decision to head over to Kaitaia for a few days. We can park up on the hard at the RSA, get a few jobs done and do some touristy things in this neck of the woods before we head back to the Karikari Peninsular. So here we are in Kaitaia, the promised horrid weather did not eventuate, meanwhile we are catching up with a few people and even the odd chore before we move on again ….sometime!