Five towns in one day

Roy has some work to do down in Mosgiel with one of our aviation clients, and Monday he started his journey south. Unfortunately it was not going to be a one flight and get there scenario more of a marathon journey taking from 10am through until 9pm. But before we get onto his journey, we first had to decide where I was going to stay for the week whilst he is away. I was keen to head back out to Maitai Bay to enjoy; the beach, peace and quiet, and nature at its best, however the weather forecast for the week ahead is not looking promising with gales, thunderstorms and lots of rain forecast. The ground at Maitai would become very boggy and with easterly gales forecast, the winds would be heading straight into the bay affording no shelter or relief from the elements, so it was agreed that I would continue to stay in Kaitaia at the RSA on firm ground. As members of the Motorhome Association, we can stay at a number of clubs around the country, it not only is good for us, but also just the fact that someone is parked in the carpark acts as security for the clubs, deterring some of the hoons. Roy did check with the manager that it was OK for us to leave the van (and the wife) for the week in their carpark and we were assured that it was just fine.

The epic journey started with an hours drive from Kaitaia to Kerikeri where Roy boarded a plane bound for Auckland. Once he landed in Auckland, it was a short turn around and board another plane for Wellington. Again, a very quick turn around and onto another plane this time headed for Dunedin. Then a taxi ride from Dunedin airport to his final destination in Mosgiel. There was the inevitable flight cancellations, delays, seating changes, and reissuing of boarding passes to contend with as well. Fortunately his return journey will be a little more direct with a flight from Dunedin through to Auckland then Auckland to Kerikeri. And if you are wondering why he did not fly out of Kaitaia, well that would have necessitated even more flights, over a longer period, on days that did not suit.

So five New Zealand towns in one day, not quite the same as multiple countries in a day (see blog entries for December 10/11 2010) or even breakfast in Frankfurt, lunch in Paris and dinner in London, but still not bad days worth of traveling.

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